January 21, 2013

Start with some History

Gramooch Metalsmasha at this point is still a minor Warboss with little more than 300 Orks beneath him.  He first gained notoriety out on the plains of Trivantic prime, the planet they currently call home, during the Humans is fightin back campaign of Warboss Snagglethorn.  Gramooch was no more than a tankbusta at that time, but he was destined for greatness.

During the fighting he managed to get several tankbusta bombs on the softer side of a baneblade.  This lead to earning his own small command after the baneblade exploded in a shower of debris that included bits of Warboss Snagglethorn.  It was this same incident that sparked the friendship between Regrak Umiebutcha and Gramooch, having pulled the surviving half of Regrak out from under that very same baneblade.

Gramooch and Regrak set their sights to the desert, and along with about 30 Orks they headed deep into that wasteland.  After nearly a month of walking around in circles, Shaman Shaak Izfis noticed a series of ancient buildings, at least 50 years old.  Shaak told Gramooch and Regrak that Gork had set this small city here for Gramooch to rest before starting a WAAAAAGH! across the galaxy.

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