February 06, 2013

A small settlement

Home sick tonight with breathing problems, left side has been burning slightly all night.  Since I am a little afraid to sleep I thought I would work on the Palace.  I decided to make the floors between levels out of stone.  To do this I am going to use peeled back foamcore and mark cracks along it.

The second level is just over half the size of the first, allowing a plaza for the warboss to look out over his city.  The door is standard size and placed roughly in the center of the structure.  I intend this floor to be the war room.  The warboss would make his toughest decisions from here, such as whether to WAAAAAGH! today or save it for tomorrow.  Other issues such as who to WAAAAAGH! against and where to eat before the big WAAAAAGH!  This level would also house weapons placements if I decide to add them.

The final level takes up most of the floor and has a stairwell to the rooftop, where I still may add a throne for Gramooch to look out over his kingdom from.  This floor is the Warboss's private sleeping room, and with the small size of it that is about all it is used for.

Other than the Palace I have built a third Slugga Boys hut as well as the Looted Hut.  The looted hut is the original home to Regrak Umiebutcha, who helped create the first large weapons the klan used before the other meks surged around him.  The Looted Hut is 8 inches long, just an inch longer than the Slugga huts, and only 4 inches across.
That is all I intend to post for now, next time I should have damage on everything I have built so far.

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