February 21, 2013

Born to be Wild

Not sure what I want to mount the Kannon on I decided to switch gears and build the Bike Shak.  The Bike shak consists of a small building for the boys and a shop big enough to hold their bikes.  I am going to try a vertical bi-fold door for the garage, like the ones you see in some airplane hangars.  I got this idea from Caleb over at Terragenesis.  I was originally going to do a regular horizontal bi-fold like you find in a lot of closets, but this became another little challenge.

Overall dimensions of it are 9" by 8" with half of the dimensions going to the garage itself.  The staircase is in the middle of this building, separating the noise of the garage from the small sleeping area.  I made the stairs 1 1/2" to accommodate the usually wider than the base arms of Orks in the confined space.  The garage side will also be taller than the living quarters.

The garage door will take up the entire 7" opening of the garage side wall and will open upwards, providing a little extra shade when it is open.  To help it operate smoothly, I set smooth rails up each side of the garage door, where I will install a slide and pivot at the top, and hinges halfway up the card stock door.  Since I work in less than an hour there won't be time to get more don, so you will have to wait until the next post to see the door itself.  But here is where I am at so far.

 Other news is I finally got Freebooter's Fate through The War Store.  You command a band of cutthroat pirates or imperial arms-men or even amazons and assassins in a quest for booty and glory.  I have not had a chance to play yet, probably not until next week at the earliest, but I am intrigued by the game mechanics.  There is a set of cards that are purchased separately that cover events, damage locations, and take the place of dice rolls to see what happens that turn.  Best part is that since I chose not to make my Orktopia terrain too Ork specific it has a slight Central American look to it.  Now all I need is 5000 palm trees.

Lastly, I purchased another aquarium, this one a 75 gallon.  My next paychech will go to making a proper stand to hold the 75 and 55 on top of it, then I will have to purchase filtration and lights, and finally salt then fish.  I don't expect to have this tank running in less than 2 months, but we will see what happens.

Thats it for today, time to change shirts and head in to work.  Until next time.


  1. you should totally mount the smaller tank above the larger.... then plumb the filtration so it runs from the larger into the smaller..... indoor waterfall!

    oh and liking the bike shack!

    1. As awesome as that idea would be one tank is going to be freshwater and the other saltwater, it would be an expensive nightmare on the fish of both

      I do intend to mount them fresh above salt, will have to make a stand for them but it should be fairly cheap as I will only be using 2by4s to build it and some black spray paint