February 07, 2013


So having last night off and getting a good deal of sleep, I found myself with a few hours of free time before work.  I have not yet decided flooring materials for any of Orktopia's buildings so I chose to grab a paintbrush and begin making blue Orks green.  The first thing I did was open the wrong bottle of green.

Due to drying paints I threw out my entire collection and started fresh.  I am using Army Painter paint bottles and sprays now, with a few Vallejo thrown in as I need them.  I am not one who likes to mix my own shades finding it impossible to remake the color later.  I like AP paints, I am not sold on the bottles.  They seem a little milky instead of clear and the color isn't properly viewed through them then.

Anyway since I opened and poured the wrong green I grabbed a unit of goblins and started on them first.  After the 10 grots were ready I took out the proper green and went to work on 32 Orks I have on the table.  Why 32, well shouldn't it be obvious? No? Ok then.

32 Orks is the number I picked since I have 5 buildings assembled.  The first building belongs to my warboss Gramooch and so he must be painted in time to move in.  The next 30 are 3 minimum 10 model units of Ork Slugga Boys, complete with big shoota boy and Nob boss.  The final Ork model is the Runtherder for the grots that already have paint on them.  Allowing them to go around painted and unsupervised could mean trouble for me later, I mean I have seen Night at the Museum.

Now as I get ready for work I have 42 Orks and goblins with their pants or loincloths painted on, and 39 with their flesh showing.  10 of them have their shirts on now and even a few extras here and there but I needed a unit to start from to ensure my color patterns looked good to me.

That is all I have for you today, tune in tomorrow as the remainin Orks finally finish getting dressed.

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