February 04, 2013

Preparing the battlefield

Great strides were made in cleaning up my game space this evening.  I actually have enough table space to  paint, assemble, AND game all at the same time.  It still needs organization but for the moment I am thoroughly satisfied with the results.

As for building and miniature progress there hasn't been any in the last week.  I am hopefully ready to change that now.  On the table is a 10 Ork unit of boys complete with the Nob and 1 of the big shoota boys.  This unit is already partially painted and is the unit I used for the Orktopia cover photo.  I have Wednesday night off so with any luck there should be a lot of progress then.

So here is my gaming area in all it's congested glory.  Left to right, Gaming table in the center is on wheels and pushed against the garage door.  Shelving rack for miniatures and extra bits in the blue containers beside them.  The work table complete with swords in case I am attacked while coloring my armies or assembling their homes.  Finally a couple of book racks for wargaming, role playing and storing anything else I want handy.
My game table is a full sheet of 4 by 8 plywood ontop of a salvaged store pallet sized display rack.  The foam insulation on the garage door adds a good layer of protection from the cold as well as a nice place to hang my map plates as I start a campaign and slowly expand the planetary empire.  The shelving in the corner holds most of my 40K miniatures, minus the Orks who have their own display on the opposite wall not pictured here.
 The workstation is well defended with weapons and a Halloween wreath my daughter and I built last year.  Yes I did spend a couple minutes staging this area but it normally looks pretty similar when you could actually use it.
That is all I have for you today, hopefully I will be able to post a painted town and miniatures soon.

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