February 13, 2013

The first Bridge

Using the floral while from my previous post I decided the first thing I wanted to do was build a rope bridge.  I thought this would be an easy half hour project, and originally it felt like it would be.

I made 2 lower rails to hold the boards on, then cut out the boards and used the Dremel to make them look like they were torched off of other structures.  The guide lines had to be added next, 1/2 inch long each and glued between the boards.  After that it was just a matter of gluing the upper rail to the guide lines.

The bridge itself is level and easily leveled between two buildings.  This is the reason that I chose to make each level of my buildings, except for special buildings like the Palace and large shops, the same height.  The material used for the roof doesn't matter to the bridge, it is self set and will look like it was bolted down to where ever I place it.

Obviously Regrak had to be the first one to play on the new bridge, since the cabling and plates used came out of the Stompa Factory.

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