February 11, 2013

Treasure Trove

Yesterday I ventured out to the fabric store with my wife.  I had been in this place several times before but never really walked it aisle to aisle.  Why would I?  Maybe because it contains treasure, and lots of it.

First off I located granny grating.  Nothing new right, find it at Wal-Mart whenever I need another sheet of it.  Well there were 4 different sizes of grid, and one of those has round holes and looks like plating.  I picked up 5 sheets of it, the plating coming in a 2 pack.  I have no idea what I am going to do with any of this yet, but I am sure the uses are endless.

Next was the floral section.  I have rolls of floral wire, wrap, and pins.  Here I found double thick wire already colored other than green, as well as a very thick wire that is wrapped with paper and it immediately made me think of a rope bridge or ladders.

In the candy section I found foot long lollie pop sticks.  normally I use kebob sticks for posts and poles, but they don't bend properly, normally cracking and showing the wood grain.  An aisle over at the end of the beads was a package of beads in a bottle.  This product is designed for dazzling up shirts and one of the packages was all metallic colors, it hit the cart so fast I think it broke the sound barrier.

Lastly into the jewelry tools.  Here I grabbed a new sprue cutter, this one with a 22 degree angle, and a small punch set.  All in all I think I did well and my Orks are going to appreciate the suffering I had to endure at a girlie store.

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