February 17, 2013

Ugly setback

While I was out on a little mini date with my wife, dinner and shopping, I left the oldest in charge of the youngest, and in true male teenager fashion he proceeded to let the little one play with dynamite while he sat on the Xbox.  The results to my game room were devastating.

I have repaired 17 Orks, 3 of the buildings, and am still looking for pieces that were violently removed from the satellite dish.  This has caused me to sit back and redesign my gaming area, splitting the room in half with the game table and purchasing a locking gate to attempt to keep him out of the storage area of my gaming environment since I seem to be unable to keep him out of the room at large.

It also means that all my attempts at cleaning are ruined as I had to tear apart my heavily shelved areas in order to divide up what he can and can not get into.  There will not be a lot of miniature or building progress this week but I am hoping by this weekend I can start making up for that

The good news to this is that after going through and deciding what has to go where I have also been able to remodel my area of the garage a bit more, no longer having to try and worry about the needs of the rest of the family as I set up the back.  The bad news is I think I am going to repeatedly run into the eye hook that makes up the latch for the gate.  Right now the place is too messy to want to take any pictures, but I will get something up as soon as I get it cleaner.

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