February 14, 2013

We need protection

Started a little side project in the form of a weapons platform.  I decided to make a big mean cannon with the time I was awake today.  I started with a dried out marker, and a roller from cash register paper.  I made a hydraulic piston out of a hollow tube and a lollipop stick then mounted them together using thick card stock.

The cannon itself was a pretty easy build, but then I chose to add a loading crane.  The crane is made up of bits including 2 Ork chain weapons and some angle iron from Plastruct.  I am not finished with this part yet, wanting to add a work platform with controls and of course some sort of hook.

This is all going to go on a large tower at some point so I tried to make sure I could resize it once I have decided what my defensive towers are going to look like.

As I said the cannon itself is an easy build, but it is also huge compared to an Earth Shaker  from Games Workshop the piston underneath is hard to see but it works, I even have a hole in the back where air could be tubed in somehow.
 The crane motor is invisible on the other side, the chainsword here is used to power the pulley system for lifting.
 here we see the completed upper arm with the lower base swivel in place underneath.  I intend to make a platform with controls for the crane.

 The other side with the Nob chainaxe visible.  The chainaxe operates the directional motor on the crane winch itself.

That is it for this edition.  See you soon.

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