March 10, 2013

40K Assemble

Yesterday, I hung out with friends and played a little board game known as Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a game about discovery, each player on their turn lays down a map piece then decides if they would like to use that piece in an attempt to score points as the world expands.  The game went faster than most of our first time games, and there would easily have been enough time for a second game but everybody was too tired to want to play again.  So home by 10pm, took a short nap, then wandered off to work and did the 2 minutes worth of work I needed to, switching the mast clock over for daylight savings.

This left me plenty of time to come home and work on painting Orks and assembling buildings, which I did neither.  I became engrossed in the movie I had turned on, Equilibrium.  Christian Bale plays a highly skilled and motivated "Cleric" in a world that views feelings as a crime.  The movie has it's high and low points but has some excellent fight scenes, especially towards the end.  After this I went to read my latest Horus Heresy novel, The Primarchs.

I fell asleep around 6am, woke up around 8 and asleep back at 9.  After that I was woken up at 2:30 and tried my best to stay awake, failing several times while snotling watched Power Rangers Space.  Finally I went and began the install of a faucet at my landlord's basement bathroom, which will resume once I get the missing pieces, then o n to waiting less than patiently for The Walking Dead to start.  Another slow episode, but I enjoyed it just the same, and finally home for a short nap before waking up minutes ago, posting this message, then heading onto work.

Oh, I forgot to mention what I got done.  27 Necrons are assembled, 20 warriors, 5 Immortals, a Lord and the Annihilation Barge he came with, good thing too since it appears most of the HQ models are finecast, and I won't purchase any of that again.

I also took some time to assemble the Chaos half of the Dark Heresy box.  There are some finely crafter miniatures to add to my CSM army as well as 2 squads of Cultists and the Hellbrute, which is going to need a lot of modification IMHO.

I also went on a small spending spree, having been pointed towards a game called Flying Lead.  Ganesha games produces this small skirmish scale game along with several others, Fear and Faith, and Mutants and Death Ray Guns, which are the 3 I now own in PDF.  They look about what I was after and maybe need a slight tweaking to work, but I think for the Call of Duty style game experience I want, these will be a good starting point.

I suppose I hd better get to work now, I will be trying to assemble the rest of my Necrons and Dark Heresy forces tomorrow and will get pics up as soon as those feats are accomplished.  Goodbye for now.

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