March 28, 2013


Two weeks without a post.  I do apologize to those of you actually hoping to follow along.  Let's see, what has happened in two weeks.  Well my daughter has had her 11th birthday.  We got our first fish for the salt water tank as her gift, a clown she named Nemo.  The 55 gallon aquarium has suffered 5 fish deaths in the last 10 days, three of them were rasbora that were just recently added to the tank, and the 30 gallon lost another snail.

Our gas boiler went out and leaked gas into the house for a couple of nights before we even realized it.  Friday and Saturday were not bad days and the coldest the house ever got was 63 degrees.  We realized it early Sunday morning and the plumber came out right away, but it wasn't fixed until nearly noon on Monday.  I ended up nauseous and dizzy all weekend and both boys complained of being sick this weekend.

I finished the last 2 books I own of the Horus Heresy series, The Primarchs being my last book.  At the moment that means there are 4 books left, Fear to Tread, Shadow of Treachery, Angel Exterminatus, and Betrayer.  Hope that is enough of a hint for those of you looking to get me a birthday gift next Thursday.

Well that about sums things up... wait... you want to know about Orktopia, Warhammer 40k, and wargaming don't you.  Well to be honest, there hasn't been much of any of it over the last two weeks.  I have been working on and off on some simplified rules I am intending to try out, as well as a little painting, but honestly I have spent more time watching movies and playing video games and feeling blah.  I did however grab my Chaos Space Marine Codex and start sorting and pointing out the army, I am at 5000 points without adding any special weapons or equipment.  Army is bigger than I thought.

Don't know what it is about March but I have never liked this month.

OK enough ranting and back to painting.  I want to get something done, just not sure what yet.

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