March 07, 2013

Floors and Paint

Once again there is not a whole lot to report on the gaming front.  I spent the majority of the weekend and the week working on my new salt water aquarium when I wasn't reading or sleeping or working.  The last few days have been pretty ho-hum, haven't had a lot of motivation but have been able to force myself to clean.  As such my gaming room is almost organized after the remodeling caused by the latest devastation of Hurricane Logan.

The aquarium now just needs to sit and wait for a week.  I am letting the salt cycle and watching water levels to ensure the tank is not evaporating too swiftly.  It is a slow and boring process while I wait for the day I can add fish.  Everything looks stable and the stand settled from it's slight twist the second water started weighing it down.  I need to shim it up 1/4 inch on the south end, but that is because of the grade in the concrete work.

Now that the aquarium is set up and ready I was able to make some time for my Orktopia.  I did not get a whole lot done but I was able to prep a couple of areas that have been bugging me, namely the floors.  I grabbed a pencil and traced out the appearance of large stones into the foamboard floors I had cut to fit one of the boyz huts and the Loota shack.  I then cut out any areas that didn't fall into my rounded stone theory for the floors, leaving small cracks and holes that were once filled with who knows what.

After that I took all 3 of the finished floors and cut pieces out to place patches over.  I know in the case of the plate I didn't need to cut the floor beneath, but chose to anyway.  I added a card stock plate which I used the magic beads to "bolt" into place, a fiberglass mesh used in paper crafting, which on the Loota shack I glued and bolted with beads and on the boyz hut I glued then ran toothpick tips through, and finally a large space granny grating which was glued, then had card plates glued on, then finally had the card plates bolted through with beads.

As with my other metal patches, I am not 100% sold on these but I am not stuck with them and will make the most of it.  I have one more boyz hut which needs a roof and the bike shack.  After that I will be ready to start painting.  Oh, and magnets, everything still needs magnets.

Lastly on the list of projects started is the Kannon.  I needed to add paint to it so I could see if there was anything else I wanted to do to it.  I have paint and it looks a little lacking now, I am unsure if it needs more patches, more welds, or if it needs something else completely.  I will give it another look in the morning and hopefully have it fixed and finished by Sunday afternoon.

That's it for today folks, work is calling and I guess I better answer the call, but before I go Ruuk wanted to pose in front of the bike shack garage door.

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