March 15, 2013

Late again

I missed my Thursday afternoon blog I know and I am sorry.  I sort of lost track of days since I did not have Wednesday off, and once I realized it I decided my news today would be important enough, at least in my opinion, to hold off a day on.  First I am off for the next 3 days so that is awesome.  The wife and kids are all elsewhere, so even more of a bonus since I can spend the weekend nekkid if I feel like it.  And finally, I got live critters in my salt water tank today.

My newest aquarium now houses 6 hermit crabs, which scattered the second they were released and are now hidden within the rocks.  I can tell from watching them I am going to have to work on the rocks a bit more though, maybe put a little pressure on them to get the bottom gravel a little more even.  I am unhappy with one of them, the shell is the same color as my substrate and he is curled up in it so he is invisible.

The fresh water tank has added visitors as well, a new school of 5 Rasboras has joined the 23 fish previously surviving in there, although one of the little buggers was well hidden for a bit, making me think he might have been eaten.  Lastly in the freshwater is a reticulated butterfly sucker fish, an awesome looking little algae eater that I had to rush to the store this morning to make sure I got her.

In gaming and building news I have finished gluing together the Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance.  I have taken a break from Orktopia itself for the last week, but I need to get some paint down soon.  I have been reading the Flying Lead rules and enjoying them, I think they will suit my side game purposes.

Well I am off to sleep for a couple hours before I start enjoying my weekend off.  See you next time

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