March 04, 2013

Reporting nothing to report

So instead of having a ton of new pictures to show off whatever terrain I wasn't working on I spent the weekend being lazy.  I did not build any terrain, paint any miniatures, or fight any battles.  Instead I built the stand for my aquariums, then tore it apart and cut it in half, and reassembled it to house a single 75 gallon aquarium.

I washed the gravel that will cover the bottom of the aquarium, not once, not twice, but 4 times once I finally finished.  Even with all this washing and all the water I used to change the water multiple times, the tank is very cloudy.  I can see through it finally, but the inlet tube and power cord behind it are both blurry.  Part of this is the milky cloud that is my water and part is the residue that has stuck to the glass.

I am going to let it sit one more day, then I will wipe down the glass inside, and finally add the salt and get the tank circulating and adjusting.  I have a few weeks to go before I will add the first fish, and 2 large purchases left before that.  The tank is missing heat and lights at the moment, and a glass top to keep dog hair out.

In gaming news I have sat down and read Freebooter's Fate from cover to cover and can't wait to get a game going.  I need to get miniatures though, since other than a bunch of skaven and a few skeletons and D&D minis I have nothing fantasy, let alone Piratey.  The rules are interesting and I think and hope I will find the game enjoyable, but proxying 40k miniatures for pirates is going to have it's own share of complications.

Lastly, I finally have a clean garage again.  A week of lumber sitting in the middle of the floor along with the aquarium and it's equipment and everything else that I can not get placed meant I had to tiptoe around.  Thankfully that has been resolved and I now have room to work, paint and play once more.

That is all I have for now, Thursday I hope to have pictures of paint on buildings... no seriously...

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