April 11, 2013


USPS originally stated that they should have arrived on Wednesday, but zombies shamble slower than expected and here they are Thursday at noon.  I couldn't wait to rip them open and check them out.  I have a set of male zombies and a set of female zombie vixens from Wargames Factory sitting in front of me, and I have to say I am not disappointed in the least so far.

First thing is the price on these.  There are 30 male figures and 36 female figures in their respective boxes, and they came in at 20 bucks each.  True I could have saved a couple more bucks from TheWarStore but that is besides the point.  I have been looking through a lot of miniature websites and these guys are the only one I found to come in under a buck a figure.  After looking over them though I feel they are worth twice the price.

Let's focus first on the male zombies.  This is an older set for the company, it contains 5 sprue in a crammed tight box.  My first complaint here is there are no bases for the males.  No problem I have several dozen extras and know where I can get more at any time.  My second issue is that the left arm of every male miniature is attached to the body.  I love complete customization and this ruins it for me.  Every body will look half the same before painting.

There is one zombie nearly complete wearing a duster/labcoat, understandable since the coat needs to flow properly.  The other five models per sprue are split at the waistline.  The bodies are slightly rounded on the bottom and the legs are indented so the pieces will pocket together and look pretty seamless , with some sort of pants making any existing seam look like clothing.  There are 8 arms per sprue and 9 heads and the detail is a little lacking compared to companies such as Games Workshop, but I am fine with that, they are only zombies.

Each left arm has a little peg for filling plastic into the mold, but otherwise the mold lines are very subtle, nearly non existant.  They are also slightly smaller than previously mentioned GW zombies, but they seem more realistic because of it.  Without assembling them and seeing how they fit I am very happy with this purchase so far.

Now onto the females.  This set is fairly new, infact I think it might be their latest release.  There are only 3 sprue in this box but they are twice the size of the male sprue and there are 10 bases in the molds.  Each sprue contains enough for 10 complete zombies and 2 crawlers.  Here the bodies and legs are all connected, I can understand after looking at them why this had to happen, it would be impossible to get the models to look as nice as they do while trying to make invisible the split between the top and bottom.  The best part is not a single arm or head is attached to the model.

Speaking of arms and heads, there are 32 arms on this sprue ranging from nubs broken right off the should to carrying briefcases, shopping bags, and ever a lifeguard float.  As for the heads there are 15 available, 2 of them even flowing over the shoulders.  There are no fill pegs on this set and the mold lines are once again barely there.  One final note on both of these sets is I love the fact that the sprue were designed to stack and lock into place so they don't tangle during shipping, not something I have seen before.

I've got 66 miniatures to assemble, a new bottle of glue, and of course, it's now past my bedtime.  I guess this will have to wait until tomorrow morning and this weekend.  Though I really wanted to have models assembled and primed before Saturday evening I know this will not be the case, but I now have the beginnings of my undead conquest of post apocalyptic Bismarck, let the survivors shake in their hiding places.

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