April 09, 2013

Fleshy Bitz

My regular Saturday board game group has slowly become just the few of us who started playing together years ago once more.  Sure others show up here and there but everybody has their own things to do and extra members will become even more sporadic with the weather starting... well hopefully starting to turn nicer once more.

With that in mind I was happy to announce last Saturday that I wish to start role playing again, and it seemed the group is up for it.  Dungeons & Dragons is always a fun game full of monstrous entities and all manner of deep delving mayhem, but nah.  Maybe a good game of Mutants & Masterminds to get the super hero juices flowing and shake the boots of the no goods who run around Bismarckolis, BORING!  Spycraft always gets a group going with it's death defying fights and covert operations, yeah let's leave that one under the covers for now.  With the main games out of the way, what does that leave us?

ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN! is here for devouring brains and horrors so terrifying that you will giggle just so people don't know you wet yourself with fear.  I have to say I love this game.  Running building to building, finding any way to escape the horde for another hour of life, hoping your best friend doesn't fall asleep on guard duty, all the while trying to find enough ammunition to kill one more walker and a safe place to camp out of their reach.  There is nothing like the feel of knowing that what you are playing is so brutal that death is likely at even the quietest of moments.

This coming weekend I am hoping to get everybody's character sheet done.  I have decided that to make things easier since I have two new players to the group, I am going to let them know each other and have survived a week together already.  This will mean that they are aware of the undead menace, are not to the point that they are still unwilling to believe it and die because they won't pull the trigger, and that they hopefully have some sort of small shelter figured out or at least a plan on how to get to one.

Enter into this a box of Zombicide! with 80 miniatures between zombies and survivors and some stunning zombie miniatures from Wargames Factory, add a few hearty players who want to survive, and a dash of insane attempts to jump across building rooftops or race through a horde of zombies for safety, and you have a recipe for fun thrills and chills. I'll get some pictures posted of the zombies and Zombicide as soon as they show up, including painting pics, I am going to have help getting that done for once.

Today I grabbed shipping boxes in order to get my Catachans ready for sale, the first of the miniatures I am going to downsize on.  I intend to keep a few models laying around for extra survivors and a complete unit of veterans to crew my Valkyrie and jump out as reinforcements.  The Chaos Daemons will follow closely behind as I decide if there is anything else I want to get rid of.  I have an idea about cutting my armies down to 2500 points each but I don't think I will achieve that goal.

Last for today is I have TAU EMPIRE.  While I am cutting back on my miniatures, I am not quitting the hobby.  I will be continuing to get the rule books and the armies will still evolve alongside, but at a more limited rate.  I see 3 models in the new book that I am definitely interested in.

OK I need to get pics of my Catachans taken, so off to work.

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