May 30, 2013

A Purdy Big Gun Part II the other side

Having gotten a decent start on the revolver side of the rokkit launcha, I decided to switch over to the right hand side.  My original intent was another revolver looking gun, but I quickly changed my mind on it.  I kept thinking about a belt fed gun, but realized it would take a lot of belting to make a decent looking strip of rokkits.  Then this idea came to me, set up a tank track and weld catches on for the belting.

The track and rollers are from Imperial Guard Tanks.  Each clip is made from a hanger for a Christmas tree ornament, twisted and turned into a predetermined pattern to hold the rokkits.  3 clips are visible here, I intend to have 12 of these total, 1 for every other track plate.  I will then have to decide on some way to turn the track so the clips will unload their rokkit at the right moment.

 I didn't take any pictures of the launch tube in this build unfortunately, but what will happen is the track will move up the outside, and just after it starts to come down, the rokkit will be laid out into the launch tube and released from the clip, then ignited.  For the delivery engine I chose an electrical piston, it will move half a turn at a time, putting the next rokkit right into place.  The toothpick in the above picture is the piston, with bits of a flamer making an oil chamber in the bottom, and an IG lascannon ripped up to make the engine.
Here is a test fit of the track mechanism before having added the engine.  The back plate is thick card from Hobby Lobby.  The launch tube and carraige assembly are all scraps of plastic tubing I still have, going to need to make an order for more soon.  As soon as I connected everything I realized I started this project upside down, so everything is turned the wrong direction.  An easy enough fix but twisting it changed the appearance I wanted.
Here you can see the complete and cut down track side gun with the launch tubes and carriage assembly.  I added some plating to make it stick out better and look more Orky, now I need to build a base.

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