May 23, 2013

A Purdy Big Gun

OK onto a new Ork project, the gatlin rokkit launcha.  This will be anti-tank anti-aircraft, and should look amazing, I hope.  WIP photos so far and I will do my best to explain them simply.
 First Picture is the chamber with 6 rokkits loaded and 2 ready to add, plus the spinner and locking plate.
Above is the mounted and locked chamber being test fit by Shaddy.
 Shaddy overlooking the initial test of the chamber with the barrel and exhaust added.
 Chamber dropped and ready for reload, I decided the chamber will be swappable to make reload faster.
 Work engine added, this will run the roller that turns the chamber as well as the reload mechanism.

 Rear view of the engine with belt added, and showing the opening behind the chamber for the exhaust port.
Here's lookin at you.  So there are the pictures of the left hand side.  I will be starting the right side either tonight after I get some sleep or tomorrow after getting home.  It will look similar, but never exact.  I still have not decided if this will be a stationary ground mounted piece, or if it will, or even can be, mounted in the back of a trukk.  That is a decision that can wait until the gun itself is finished.

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