May 22, 2013

Care and feeding for your new pet zombies

So I now have a mass of zombies and half as many survivors from Wargames Factory.  I also have models from the Zombicide and Last night on Earth board games as well as war game miniatures from Necromunda and Warhammer 40K to use.  I think for the time being I am stocked, but only for the moment.

Now that all my current zombies are assembled it comes down to the slower task of painting.  I have decided that I would like to also incorporate all of my zombies into the categories for Xtreme Zombie Hunter, a fun game that I really wish I could get hold of more copies for.  Grimey Games has been offline for at least a year now and looks to never be returning, which is very sad for me.

I will be dividing the zombies into 4 groups, red yellow orange and green, green and orange will each have one extra zombie.  The colors will be somewhere on the zombies themselves, shirts pants or dresses.  Bikini clad zombie gals will be wearing that color bikini.  I think you get the idea.

Survivors will be painted randomly according to how they are dressed, unless they are player characters where the player will have say in their clothing.  With a base of 30 survivors to paint, this could take a while.  My biggest asset here is I am not painting wargaming miniatures that are all painted the same color for army coherence and uniform appearance.   It is much easier to lose focus and interest when you still have 280 miniatures that need the exact same 4 colors added to them.

You can spot the 5 painted law enforcement officers in the back ground, they will be joined by a Coast Guard officer in a red rain jacket you sometimes see them in.  Before them are 10 miniatures that  Iwill be organizing into bad boys, drifters, and townsfolk.  The numbers of each group will not be carved in stone, and will change as new models are introduced.  Right now there are 12 Townsfolk, 6 drifters and 6 bad boys.

Pictured above are mostly townsfolk.  I originally organized miniatures based on the weapons they carried, bad boys had automatics, townsfolk armed with pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons, and drifters with whatever I wanted to give them.  This will also change as I paint them and decide what role each miniature will play.  It doesn't matter in the larger scope since none of the games designate what group a character should belong to, it just makes it easier on me to store and search for the miniature I want to depict.

My next decision is what to do about terrain.  I really like having terrain available for my games.  The war game terrain I currently have is very outsized for these miniatures, making them all look like children.  I can easy push the heads through my chain link fences, not to mention ever building has a 12 foot ceiling.

In the other games I play and the larger than life miniatures this is not an issue, but these are truer to scale and do not have foot thick biceps on every model.  On the other hand my Orks look scale beside these guys, 9 foot tall brutes that could tear a human apart like ripping towels off a roll.  I'm hoping to get up from sleeping this evening and magical pixies have seen my need for assistance and painted all 91 remaining raw models, I'll keep you informed.

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