May 12, 2013

Followers of the Dead

I am an avid zombie fan.  I watch movies, play games, read books, and assemble miniatures devoted to the rotting dead.  Tonight was no different.  I have been playing Dead Island part of the night.  I took a break to watch Shaun of the Dead while I worked on character sheets for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, a role playing game where you try to survive in a zombie filled world.

Last weekend I assembled 30 male zombies, this weekend I am working on 36 female ones and developing 29 male survivors and one young female with pigtails that didn't turn out as good as I hoped she would.  I have begun working on the survivors as well, but my intention is not to assemble them all immediately.

As for survivores I am going to wait as the game develops and see who I will need next.  First I will need my players, unfortunately for the girls, I will have to make do with the females from Zombicide and Last Night on Earth for now.  These miniatures are fairly close in size to those from Wargames Factory.  For the men, I have the male survivors box from Wargames Factory in front of me and am assembling those I need right now.

I am currently working on the earliest survivors my players will meet, the police.  I have a Sheriff and three officers, two are going to be in black and the third in blue.  I also have a squad car and a suburban, each redecorated a little too early.  I intend to have the survivors of LA rename part of it Hell Town, and have painted the vehicles to show this, not thinking that my players are starting day 1.  I have the blue shirt officer, now known as Officer James Gardner, painted and ready to play.

Officer Gardner has been with the force for only 2 years.   He is a native of Los Angeles and decided early in life he wanted to be a Police Officer.  He isn't sure why he was spared while his wife and daughter died, but he has made it his mission to protect survivors from the menace.  He has named his squad car Daisy, in memory of his little girl.

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