May 06, 2013

Getting back on the internets

Between work issues, personal issues, and just plain life issues last month hit me hard, and I am still shocked and pained by parts of it.  For work issues I can now admit that I found myself overwhelmed.  I found myself getting further and further behind because I could not focus.  My mind wandered on all sorts of issues at work and away.

The worst of the issues with work last month came on April 18th, when one of my managers, and one of the few people I considered a friend and mentor, passed away.  He had only found out he was sick less than 2 months before, but the cancer was at a stage where there wasn't much that could be done about it.

It has been over 2 weeks, and even as I types this I find it hard to hold back tears.  It is funny to say though, that this drove me nearly as much as it bothered me.  I have taken the reins once more on projects I let slip aside because of lack of time, patience, and my overwhelming desire to micromanage everything else I oversee, and have brought myself and my workload out of the slump we found ourselves in.

The personal side still has issues that need be dealt with.  I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do to get my house in order.  Adding to that workload that I have already been skirting is the fact that spring has FINALLY hit North Dakota and the yard requires all the attention I can muster to get it in shape.  I was fortunate to get the last 6 days off to get some time to relax and reflect, as well as get some cleaning done and organizing what turned out to be mostly a pile of throw away bitz boxes.

As for gaming, I have been hit or very miss.  I was able to purchase Zombicide, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  Imagine a group of 4 to 6 survivors hitting the streets in the hopes of finding a safe place, food and water, as well as some kick ass weapons to destroy the zombie hordes with.  The game plays itself around you, your team moves then the zombies react to it, if they happen to catch you then you get wounded.

We had trouble the first couple games but now we understand the mechanics and the game has gotten quite a bit simpler.  We still can be defeated if we make the simplest of mistakes, but our crew are hardened veterans of the war against the undead now.  The zombie horde is controlled by a mixture of cards telling you where and how many zombies join the fight each turn, and noise and heat given off by the characters to tell the zombies what direction food is.  I recommend this game to any zombie fan out there and intend to continue playing it forever.

In modelling news I finished assembling the male zombies.  I do not have pictures yet but will be getting them up shortly.  The female zombies are in various degrees of assembly, some finished, some with heads, some with arms, and even some still on sprue.  I will be working diligently the next couple of mornings to get them finished before this weekend.  The last group are the male survivors, the female survivors are a couple of months away still from the sounds of it.

The survivors I am taking my time with, deciding exactly who and what I need before assembling anything other than the 4 lawmen I knew I wanted.  I am creating non player character sheets for the civilians and military personnel I intend to use and then building their miniature based off of that sheet.  So far I have to build an air marshal, a pilot who is egotistical, a couple of children who's parents are nowhere to be found right now, and couple of airport maintenance workers.  I have 30 miniatures available to make survivors from so I need to pick and choose until I receive more funding.

For those of you who don't know already, I am a role player at heart, even above war gaming.  My passion for role playing stems mainly in the zombie infested wastes of our world gone dead.  This springs forth in a game called All Flesh Must Be Eaten, where of course, you play a survivor trying not to succumb to the armies of the dead.  This newest attempt to play, if we ever actually get going, will take place at Los Angeles International Airport, and will be partially made up, and partially researched, from there.

The next part is not yet common knowledge for my players, but it will be explained to them as we start.  As they were in the air between Sydney Australia, traveling back to the states, an unknown power activated biological weapons across the entire planet.  Many people simply died from the chemical attack, but more than that changed horribly, their minds filled with toxins and rage, losing most functions except the need to destroy anybody who seemed unaffected.

Minutes before the attacks went off all over the planet, all television was interrupted by a shadowy figure calling himself Judgement, and warning the world that the Day of Wrath was upon them.  And so we find our heroes just hours after the plague has begun, the threat of Wrath hangs heavy in the air, but the toxic clouds that created it have already dissipated.  I am not planning to make a new blog here for my Followers of the Dead campaign, instead I will be using a website called Obsidian Portal.  Followers of the Dead can be followed here and of course updates will be mentioned on this blog as well.

Lastly for this post, I recently rummaged through my Catachans and created 6 basic platoons to throw up for sale.  I will have pictures of them in my next post.  Anyway that is all I have for now, I need to try and get a nap in before I return to work tonight for the first time in a week.... ummm...yay?  :)

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