June 09, 2013

A Purdy Big Gun IV: Putting it all together

Revolver rokkit launcha, CHECK.  Belt drive rokkit launcha, CHECK.  Base with lift and turn ability, CHECK.  Now to get everything together.  This isn't going to be very hard since I started with the double barrel rokkit launcha in mind.  I hooked everything together and then remembered I needed hydraulics for the lift cylinder.  I melted a couple of corners from plastic pipe and added thick wrapped floral wire that reminds me of hydraulic hoses.  Using bits of Tau weaponry I made a hydraulic pump to add the pressure needed to lift or lower the guns.
Here you can see the gun fully assembled but the tension springs are not added to the belt feed yet.  It took me a while to decide what should be done for this section.
 After getting everything positioned I decided to lock the lift in place instead of leaving it free.  every time I moved it the hydraulic hoses snapped off and it also makes it more stable and less likely to be broken by a bad movement.
 Everything is now glued and prepared for tension springs.  It also needs the gunner at this stage.  Looking at the Ork in front of the belt shows you how massive this gun ended up being.
 Gunner and tension spring added.  I will grab a picture of the tension assembly later.
That's all for now folks.

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