June 02, 2013

A purdy Big Gun Part III, platform base.

I need a base to mount my big guns to, something Orky and ready to go.  To this end I actually want 2 mounts.  A vehicle mount, and a stationary mount, maybe a building rooftop.  I am going to use a can lid for my swivel base.  I am also going to modify the Kannon and the Satellite dish to mount properly onto the can lid with magnets.

 From the can lid I took a piece of trukk chassis I had lying around.  I added to this a piece from the imperial city box and then some kebob sticks to mount my smaller tank rollers on.  The large roller has a smaller roller glued into it and is mounted to the end of the corner piece from the city box.  a couple of wires and it should make a good looking small motor.
After this I needed to figure out how high everything had to be to keep from dragging on the ground.  I decided I wanted a platform under the guns for reloading that would turn with the gun, so I had to go even higher.  The top tube ended up being 2 1/2 inches tall.

I want this to be able to lift, or at least appear to lift into an anti-air position, so having some sort of lift mechanism is a must.  I chose to go with a pneumatic cylinder, pictured above.  when the cylinder is connected it will be completely closed in a horizontal gun position, and completely extended, pressed against the holding tube in the top right for a vertical shot.
 Owing to my desire to see this assembled, there is a huge gap in my pictures once more.  Here I took lollipop sticks and built a frame off the top of the Trukk chassis I started the base with.  I added granny grating, corrugated aluminum made with a paper crimper and soda cans, and some plating I found at the hobby shop.  At this point the base is ready except for setting up a way to fill the cylinder. Next time we will get it all together.

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