June 13, 2013

Dis is wer da trukks is builded: Part I

I know I am doing this out of order, but I guess I need the inspiration of a decent Trukk to get up the urge to make the trukk shop.In the last few posts I kept you up with the Ork Rokkit Launcha, a piece of Orky tech that I built to defend Orktopia from both land and air machines of war.  Now I want to show you where the trukk that makes this mobile is being assembled.

So here is the trukk that inspired me to start the trukk shop.  The trukk is over half complete but I want to finish the shop before I get the trukk itself done.  Because of this, I am not posting a WIP of the trukk yet.

I started with a plan to make this shop using several nearby buildings as the base of it.  While this idea still strikes my fancy it would have been a huge pain.  I would either have to glue 4 buildings together to make a huge complex or I would have to cut the base so each building could be positioned at the edges of the trukk shop.  After doing the mock up I realized how annoying this would be, especially since I would have to pull out every building whenever I wanted to use Yaddat's Trukk Shop.

Instead I came up with this, a 3 story ruin with a building across the road that would work for Yaddat Addawerk's hut.  I confiscated a section of road where the Trukk Shop will be built between these 2 buildings.  After figuring all the measurements out I currently have the ability to have 2 trukks in here at the same time, but that took this build to 13 inches long and 15 inches wide.  I could have shortened it up quite a bit either direction, but my vision demands space.

The ruins complete 1 wall, so there are 3 to finish.  Yaddat Addawerk likes to make a big hoopla about his newest vehicles, so the Shop must be enclosed so nobody can see what he will build next.  The framework is easy enough, a mixture of plastic I-beams and wooden dowels will raise this building quickly, then I will apply a mixture of sheeting material to close it in, followed by assembling a cap for the roof.  The roof itself will be about half flat, allowing a lookout tower to be added to it.

 Almost all the beams are up, I am adding a couple of small ones from the ruined building towards the other supports.  The garage doors will be 7 inches tall and double sliding doors.  The can up front is where I have decided to place my fuel tank, but I think I will stand it vertically.

That's all for today.

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