June 18, 2013

Dis is wer da trukks is builded: Part II

In my last post the frame was up and I was debating the location of the fuel drum.  I decided it would be best standing up and went with that idea.  I am very happy with it.  Adding a couple pieces from searchlights and I think I have a fairly good looking pump.  I intend to add a Lascannon battery pack to this to give it that authentic working feel and calling the tank done.

After finishing the Tank I needed to get the front wall cladding up so I could start working on the doors.  I tried to be as haphazard as I could about placement while still making sure it looked like it would hold up.  I still intend to add big bolts everywhere, because bigger bolts hold better.

Of course I had to take a picture of the capacity of this place, making it much bigger than I originally intended.  I am impressed with the results and feel it will definitely suit my needs even after adding crumbling floors to the adobe side wall.

Having finished the front face I went straight on to adding the door hangers, 2 boards overlapping each other that the door itself will slide into on the top thus allowing them to slide away from each other.   I added a small nothc in the middle to keep the doors from moving more than halfway, and they work OK, not that I expected perfectly smooth sliding.  Doors closed.

Doors open.  I forgot to leave room on the bottom lip for a lower guide on the doors.  I could glue one on but decided not to.  I have plans for the front of the doors, but the back I need to keep smooth so they won't catch when I open and close them.  My intent is to use liquid bead to make welding lines on the front and back after they are painted.  The bead is also pretinted so it shouldn't scrape off and also create a tiny cushion.

 Having gotten the front wall finished I took a few minutes and spray painted it.  My thought is with this being new construction it should actually look fairly new instead of aged and hobbled, but I can see some extra color is in order.

Having the main wall and doors well on their way makes me happy and confident that I will like the finished building, allowing me to now switch my focus onto the interior.  I think it's time for some tool chests and a half started trukk.

Seeya Next time

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