August 28, 2013

Long Hiatus

I know it has been over a month since I have been on here, and to be honest, nothing has changed on the wargaming side apart from selling most of my Tau to a friend.  Outside of gaming there is a little more to report.  I am changing jobs.  After 5 years at my current position I took on a second job to catch up on bills, set money aside for Christmas, and ultimately create a savings account for the replacement of my teeth.

Things escalated quickly though, the other job has convinced me to go full time, not that it took much convincing.  I was ready and in need of a change, I felt stagnant at my current position and have been missing too much time with my family lately.  I will no longer be working overnights and should have a few evenings a week to just hang out with the family.  What this means for Orktopia in the short terms is there won't be any modelling until work stabalizes, but after that I am hoping to find time early each morning to get a little something done.

The next step is to get back in touch with my old gaming group, as I should be able to meet up there from time to time again and also make a bunch of small terrain pieces to fill the battlefield with.

Good night for now and see you soon, with any luck much more regularly.

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