March 28, 2014

Freedom and Suffering all rolled in one

  Well it has been a very odd week.  I lost my job, which both irritates me and relieves me at the same time.  I did enjoy my job, even though the amount of stress there always seemed a second away from completely overwhelming.  I lost it over a mistake, but I feel the punishment was a little too severe.  I was dismissed as an example about what happens when bad mistakes are made.  OK, I can understand that, but shouldn't people be told what happened then and why I was dismissed.

  So anyway I have not been doing anything since Tuesday.  I have several job leads to explore, but I am not totally sure what I want to do with my self now.  I am playing with returning to my previous employer, going back to construction, and have also located a dozen other positions that I have experience for and seem like something worth trying.

  I have spent the last couple of days working on the house, cleaning up and doing a large purge of items we really don't need anymore.  Four garbage bags out of the garage with the kitchen and living room being fairly tidy.  Monday and Tuesday I think I will go through the bedrooms and clean up toys that nobody touches anymore.

In gaming news, I have been working slowly on my Ork drop pod, but I am not feeling the creativity there I was hoping for.  I did however manage to build a new Ork warboss, as well as a shaman I feel needs more work.  I will get some pictures up in the next post.  I have also decided to change my ork colors but only slightly, basically just using more blue on them than I was previously.

March 20, 2014

Orks in Spaaaaaaaaace!

    I have decided to start living on only 2 hours of sleep so I can find enough time to spend between work, my family, and my two hobbies.  My saltwater aquarium has taken up most of my free time and all of my money, plus some of my wife's money, and some of my parent's money and even some of the cash a couple of my friends earn.

   My wargaming hobby, not having anybody to play with lately, has taken the back burner, and the pilot light has only been recently relit.  But a couple of days ago I had sudden inspiration and decided that with rumors saying Ork can loot nearly anything in the new codex, I need a drop pod.

   With only a pile of plating bits, some cardstock, and an idea that I wanted a drop pod I set out to build it.  I quickly decided that I needed a cockpit and an Ork to pilot the pod.  I also found bits for a Tau Piranha and decided those needed to be part of the build.  The jets are going to be part of the forward momentum of the craft and the wings will be the stabilizing rudders.

   I also found an old vindicator that screamed cockpit and set about drilling out the hole where the gun mounted.  This became the porthole for the cockpit and after a little cardstock to push it forward and tilt it properly I had the basis of my front end.  The cannon itself looked ideal for a reversing thruster and for the second one I chose the bottom of an old glue stick.  I have set the two thrusters on top so that the cockpit canopy will slide off the vehicle and give me space to build the interior.

Plans for the rest of the front end include jaws to grab onto space hulks for boarding missions, a hatch for boarding enemy vessels, and of course guns for the trip in.  As for the ship itself I am figuring somewhere around 7 inches total length, with both sides opening for Orks to pile out when the ship is upright, as well as hydraulics to upright it.