March 28, 2014

Freedom and Suffering all rolled in one

  Well it has been a very odd week.  I lost my job, which both irritates me and relieves me at the same time.  I did enjoy my job, even though the amount of stress there always seemed a second away from completely overwhelming.  I lost it over a mistake, but I feel the punishment was a little too severe.  I was dismissed as an example about what happens when bad mistakes are made.  OK, I can understand that, but shouldn't people be told what happened then and why I was dismissed.

  So anyway I have not been doing anything since Tuesday.  I have several job leads to explore, but I am not totally sure what I want to do with my self now.  I am playing with returning to my previous employer, going back to construction, and have also located a dozen other positions that I have experience for and seem like something worth trying.

  I have spent the last couple of days working on the house, cleaning up and doing a large purge of items we really don't need anymore.  Four garbage bags out of the garage with the kitchen and living room being fairly tidy.  Monday and Tuesday I think I will go through the bedrooms and clean up toys that nobody touches anymore.

In gaming news, I have been working slowly on my Ork drop pod, but I am not feeling the creativity there I was hoping for.  I did however manage to build a new Ork warboss, as well as a shaman I feel needs more work.  I will get some pictures up in the next post.  I have also decided to change my ork colors but only slightly, basically just using more blue on them than I was previously.

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