April 19, 2014

Paint on the table

   I am back to work, both at a new job and on my armies.  I recently took to construction, installing gutters and even though the heights are bothering me, I am enjoying the work and having fun.  Once I finish getting trained in and get more used to working off the ground, the pay checks should be decent too.

   While I was unemployed I found time to clean off my game table, mostly, and get a game plan for the armies I own.  My eldest son wishes to join me in 40K so we are setting up a small space marine chapter which I have dubbed the Red Ravens until he comes up with a better name.

   I am taking a break from Orks, mostly because I can not decide how I want to paint them.  I'm not completely happy with the current scheme but I can't decide the best way to redo it, only knowing that I want to keep the colors I am using but get more of the blue onto the finished miniatures.

   So in lieu of Orks I have gone back to my Chaos Marines, recoloring them and renaming them from Vengeance for Scarolis, a name I picked for them years ago to support their fluff at the time, to Violent Ecstasy, a more fitting name for an army mostly devoted to Slaanesh.

   Violent Ecstasy is working on finding a way to get out of the warp permanently and bring the gifts of the dark gods to the masses, starting with the citizens of Trivanic.  They have been recruiting cultists to whisper their glorious message, as well as bringing in sorcerers deep into the planetary core, hoping to eventually open a gate to their warp home.

   This means I am working on two seperate armies at the moment, but we have devised a decent way of getting the paint on the model.  We are starting with 500 point armies and will teach Raymond how to play with the miniatures we have both selected.  The points will increase once both of us have 600 points of painted miniatures.  After that increase will be 750 and then 250 points each time thereafter.

   Increases will not be made until the next units are painted to at least 4 color standard, meaning that after the initial 500 points are painted, unpainted models will never be allowed on the table.  I am hoping this helps keep him interested on the hobby as a whole instead of losing interest like so many of the game shop kids did.

   Once we have a color scheme completed for Raymond's Red Ravens I will get more pictures up, for now enjoy the Violent Ecstasy teaser.

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