August 19, 2014

Da Emnees is tuffer

Not a huge post tonight but I want to try and make sure I start posting at least once a week again.  Tonight I was supposed to run Dark Heresy, a game which so far has not been happening regularly.  The gang was playing Minecraft and seemed more interested in that so I never pushed the issue, but then at 8pm they asked if we were going to start anytime soon.

I had decided not to play by that point.  Having to be at work before 7am and knowing the game can take hours that feel like minutes.  Instead they continued playing minecraft and I headed to the garage to build a unit of Scions I had purchased when first released.  I had the metal Kasrkin Sergeant with hell pistol and power weapon, but I didn't want him open faced with the rest of the squad in helmets.

So I gave him the Beret with a facemask, kept everything else original on him and finished the other five members out.  The plasma gun has a laspistol in his left hand because I did not realize there was only a single weaponless hand which I already used for the vox.  I want to flush out the unit with a hot shot volley gun within the other 4 members, plus need to figure out something for the 11th guy, maybe a commander of some sort, or a carapace armored commissar.

That's all for tonight.

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