August 11, 2014

Da WAAAGHforce, Orks taking to the skies

  Moseying through the local Wal-Mart on a date with the wife, I happened to come across 4 planes in the clearance section.  They were only three dollars each and there were four of them, so naturally they all left the store with me.  I felt they might be good for my IG, or AM if you must, but the more I looked at them the more I felt the WAAAAGH! behind them.

The first thing to do was strip them of their propellers and glass.  The prop took a little work but the canopy only took cutting the glue line.  I had to shave out the sides of the cockpit to get an ork to fit, but after a little work I had an easy mock up ready to go.

Each of the planes are going to be slightly different, and I chose a rather normal looking pilot for the first plane.  This mean the plane itself needed a little ork insanity, and I chose to add strafing blades for a close and personal fly boy.  There is plenty left to do at this point but it is beginning to feel Orky.

With the blades attached, and a little straggler holding on to the tail, I was ready to build engines.  This plane became a four engine monster, two jets to push it forward, a front engine just for the gun feeds, and an engine behind the pilot to keep the rudders working.

Engines done and I'm happy with the results after a little fill putty.  Next to move onto the guns and gunners.  I had to wait out the weekend waiting for my fantasy goblins to arrive, but as soon as I ripped the box open I began working on the design.  The first gun is scratch built with internal feeds and recycling system for the ammo cases.  The gunner sits in a hole in the wing, legs dangling out beneath him as he punches the trigger.

I still need to do something better with this than a couple of square toothpicks.  I am thinking I will switch it over to some sort of plate before painting.

The second gun I chose an easier prebuilt set up, a gun I built for a terrain piece a few years ago with a second attached to it.  On this wing the grot has cut holes for his feet and bolted a small piece of cord to the wing for a secondary hold.

Design wise this plane is finished, although I still have several plates to throw on, rivets to hold everything down, and finishing the pilot off.  Hope you enjoyed this build so far, see you next time.

EDIT!!! I forgot to grab a picture showing the full plane at this point

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