August 07, 2014

I've spent half of the last week laying down sick.  Before that I actually managed to get something done.  I call this something Kaptin Steelfang, leader of the Flash Gitz in Gramooch's WAAAAGH!  Kaptin Steelfang and his small horde of marauders came to Orktopia after having crashed their ship.

Kaptin Steelfang prizes his dakka above everything else, even his ship and crew.  But above that his greatest treasure is his personal git finda.  The servo skull belonged to an inquisitor who tracked him for months, finally getting a boarding party onto WAAAAGH Hunta, then losing everything to the kunnin kaptin.  It desperately wants to get back to imperial ranks and turns towards any imperial radio transmissions it can catch, unwittingly sending Steelfang and his gitz straight at the enemy.

I took a new picture of the existing army, all 246 models now including Kaptin Steelfang and his flash gitz.  Soon there should be as much green as blue on the board, as I am working on getting flesh painted on all the boys.  I've decided to get the entire army 4 color legal, 2 blues, gunmetal and green.  After that I can focus on units, vehicles, and characters.

Not much else to report right now, but I do have an airforce in the works.  I am waiting for a unit of fantasy goblins before I really get busy on it though.  Seeya next time.

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