September 22, 2014

Gearing up for WAAAAGH!

I finally sat down today and fixed a situation that has troubled me for months.  I recently rewrote my knows b'fer as a story instead of a droll history of my Orks.  I have only gotten a couple dozen paragraphs into it but immediately had a problem with what I had written.

The problem is not with the words written but the characters implied by them, and the fact that they were not present in my army.  Shaak Izfis, the prophetic weirdboy listed in my tale, has never had a miniature of himself.  I could use the weirdboy from GW and do have one missing his right leg, but I don't like the model.

So here is Shaak Izfis carrying his weirdboy staff and the rotting head of something that came from the warp.  Shaak has been staring into the warp for so long that I decided it had began to change him.  His right arm is the thick muscled and boil covered chaos arm with a clawed hand from the tyranid warriors.  His left hand is normal but ends in the clawed tyranid hand as well.

Another missing model is the buggy that races ahead and scouts the village they first find.  I have made two wartrakks but was not happy with the size of them.  I also wanted this vehicle to be a buggy and not a trakk so I decided the best thing was to start from scratch.  I had plenty of trukk pieces left lying around including all 3 axles.  after an afternoon of cutting up several dead ends I finally came up with this guy.

I really like the way this turned out, and decided it needed some paint immediately.  after a quick dismantle and spray with army painter ultramarine blue I was allowed to reassemble this.

Finally a test, yellow goblins, yay or nay?

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