December 31, 2014


I would definitely say this has been the worst year for me.  So many things have happened and not a lot of them were good.  It all started quietly then suddenly, just as I thought things were looking up there was a huge slap in the face.

I found it hard to rebound from being fired, especially after having just taken out a vehicle loan for my truck.  Sleepless nights and depression set in making it unable for me to get into finding work.  I started a job that excited and terrified me at the same time, only to have to quit as my allergies tried to kill me.  After that I started at Wal~Mart, my current occupation, only to have the rest of the year be a series of illness leading up to a mild stroke in the beginning of December.

I'm ready for this year to be gone.  I'm ready to find time for my hobbies and my family without worrying about money and health constantly.  I'm not making a resolution this year, or promises that I can't keep.  I WISH to be more involved in my blog, post regularly, have content that people want to read about, and excel in my career, relationship with the wife and children, and my numerous hobbies.  I WISH all my readers a happy and prosperous 2015.

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