March 28, 2013


Two weeks without a post.  I do apologize to those of you actually hoping to follow along.  Let's see, what has happened in two weeks.  Well my daughter has had her 11th birthday.  We got our first fish for the salt water tank as her gift, a clown she named Nemo.  The 55 gallon aquarium has suffered 5 fish deaths in the last 10 days, three of them were rasbora that were just recently added to the tank, and the 30 gallon lost another snail.

Our gas boiler went out and leaked gas into the house for a couple of nights before we even realized it.  Friday and Saturday were not bad days and the coldest the house ever got was 63 degrees.  We realized it early Sunday morning and the plumber came out right away, but it wasn't fixed until nearly noon on Monday.  I ended up nauseous and dizzy all weekend and both boys complained of being sick this weekend.

I finished the last 2 books I own of the Horus Heresy series, The Primarchs being my last book.  At the moment that means there are 4 books left, Fear to Tread, Shadow of Treachery, Angel Exterminatus, and Betrayer.  Hope that is enough of a hint for those of you looking to get me a birthday gift next Thursday.

Well that about sums things up... wait... you want to know about Orktopia, Warhammer 40k, and wargaming don't you.  Well to be honest, there hasn't been much of any of it over the last two weeks.  I have been working on and off on some simplified rules I am intending to try out, as well as a little painting, but honestly I have spent more time watching movies and playing video games and feeling blah.  I did however grab my Chaos Space Marine Codex and start sorting and pointing out the army, I am at 5000 points without adding any special weapons or equipment.  Army is bigger than I thought.

Don't know what it is about March but I have never liked this month.

OK enough ranting and back to painting.  I want to get something done, just not sure what yet.

March 15, 2013

Late again

I missed my Thursday afternoon blog I know and I am sorry.  I sort of lost track of days since I did not have Wednesday off, and once I realized it I decided my news today would be important enough, at least in my opinion, to hold off a day on.  First I am off for the next 3 days so that is awesome.  The wife and kids are all elsewhere, so even more of a bonus since I can spend the weekend nekkid if I feel like it.  And finally, I got live critters in my salt water tank today.

My newest aquarium now houses 6 hermit crabs, which scattered the second they were released and are now hidden within the rocks.  I can tell from watching them I am going to have to work on the rocks a bit more though, maybe put a little pressure on them to get the bottom gravel a little more even.  I am unhappy with one of them, the shell is the same color as my substrate and he is curled up in it so he is invisible.

The fresh water tank has added visitors as well, a new school of 5 Rasboras has joined the 23 fish previously surviving in there, although one of the little buggers was well hidden for a bit, making me think he might have been eaten.  Lastly in the freshwater is a reticulated butterfly sucker fish, an awesome looking little algae eater that I had to rush to the store this morning to make sure I got her.

In gaming and building news I have finished gluing together the Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance.  I have taken a break from Orktopia itself for the last week, but I need to get some paint down soon.  I have been reading the Flying Lead rules and enjoying them, I think they will suit my side game purposes.

Well I am off to sleep for a couple hours before I start enjoying my weekend off.  See you next time

March 10, 2013

40K Assemble

Yesterday, I hung out with friends and played a little board game known as Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a game about discovery, each player on their turn lays down a map piece then decides if they would like to use that piece in an attempt to score points as the world expands.  The game went faster than most of our first time games, and there would easily have been enough time for a second game but everybody was too tired to want to play again.  So home by 10pm, took a short nap, then wandered off to work and did the 2 minutes worth of work I needed to, switching the mast clock over for daylight savings.

This left me plenty of time to come home and work on painting Orks and assembling buildings, which I did neither.  I became engrossed in the movie I had turned on, Equilibrium.  Christian Bale plays a highly skilled and motivated "Cleric" in a world that views feelings as a crime.  The movie has it's high and low points but has some excellent fight scenes, especially towards the end.  After this I went to read my latest Horus Heresy novel, The Primarchs.

I fell asleep around 6am, woke up around 8 and asleep back at 9.  After that I was woken up at 2:30 and tried my best to stay awake, failing several times while snotling watched Power Rangers Space.  Finally I went and began the install of a faucet at my landlord's basement bathroom, which will resume once I get the missing pieces, then o n to waiting less than patiently for The Walking Dead to start.  Another slow episode, but I enjoyed it just the same, and finally home for a short nap before waking up minutes ago, posting this message, then heading onto work.

Oh, I forgot to mention what I got done.  27 Necrons are assembled, 20 warriors, 5 Immortals, a Lord and the Annihilation Barge he came with, good thing too since it appears most of the HQ models are finecast, and I won't purchase any of that again.

I also took some time to assemble the Chaos half of the Dark Heresy box.  There are some finely crafter miniatures to add to my CSM army as well as 2 squads of Cultists and the Hellbrute, which is going to need a lot of modification IMHO.

I also went on a small spending spree, having been pointed towards a game called Flying Lead.  Ganesha games produces this small skirmish scale game along with several others, Fear and Faith, and Mutants and Death Ray Guns, which are the 3 I now own in PDF.  They look about what I was after and maybe need a slight tweaking to work, but I think for the Call of Duty style game experience I want, these will be a good starting point.

I suppose I hd better get to work now, I will be trying to assemble the rest of my Necrons and Dark Heresy forces tomorrow and will get pics up as soon as those feats are accomplished.  Goodbye for now.

March 07, 2013

Floors and Paint

Once again there is not a whole lot to report on the gaming front.  I spent the majority of the weekend and the week working on my new salt water aquarium when I wasn't reading or sleeping or working.  The last few days have been pretty ho-hum, haven't had a lot of motivation but have been able to force myself to clean.  As such my gaming room is almost organized after the remodeling caused by the latest devastation of Hurricane Logan.

The aquarium now just needs to sit and wait for a week.  I am letting the salt cycle and watching water levels to ensure the tank is not evaporating too swiftly.  It is a slow and boring process while I wait for the day I can add fish.  Everything looks stable and the stand settled from it's slight twist the second water started weighing it down.  I need to shim it up 1/4 inch on the south end, but that is because of the grade in the concrete work.

Now that the aquarium is set up and ready I was able to make some time for my Orktopia.  I did not get a whole lot done but I was able to prep a couple of areas that have been bugging me, namely the floors.  I grabbed a pencil and traced out the appearance of large stones into the foamboard floors I had cut to fit one of the boyz huts and the Loota shack.  I then cut out any areas that didn't fall into my rounded stone theory for the floors, leaving small cracks and holes that were once filled with who knows what.

After that I took all 3 of the finished floors and cut pieces out to place patches over.  I know in the case of the plate I didn't need to cut the floor beneath, but chose to anyway.  I added a card stock plate which I used the magic beads to "bolt" into place, a fiberglass mesh used in paper crafting, which on the Loota shack I glued and bolted with beads and on the boyz hut I glued then ran toothpick tips through, and finally a large space granny grating which was glued, then had card plates glued on, then finally had the card plates bolted through with beads.

As with my other metal patches, I am not 100% sold on these but I am not stuck with them and will make the most of it.  I have one more boyz hut which needs a roof and the bike shack.  After that I will be ready to start painting.  Oh, and magnets, everything still needs magnets.

Lastly on the list of projects started is the Kannon.  I needed to add paint to it so I could see if there was anything else I wanted to do to it.  I have paint and it looks a little lacking now, I am unsure if it needs more patches, more welds, or if it needs something else completely.  I will give it another look in the morning and hopefully have it fixed and finished by Sunday afternoon.

That's it for today folks, work is calling and I guess I better answer the call, but before I go Ruuk wanted to pose in front of the bike shack garage door.

March 04, 2013

Reporting nothing to report

So instead of having a ton of new pictures to show off whatever terrain I wasn't working on I spent the weekend being lazy.  I did not build any terrain, paint any miniatures, or fight any battles.  Instead I built the stand for my aquariums, then tore it apart and cut it in half, and reassembled it to house a single 75 gallon aquarium.

I washed the gravel that will cover the bottom of the aquarium, not once, not twice, but 4 times once I finally finished.  Even with all this washing and all the water I used to change the water multiple times, the tank is very cloudy.  I can see through it finally, but the inlet tube and power cord behind it are both blurry.  Part of this is the milky cloud that is my water and part is the residue that has stuck to the glass.

I am going to let it sit one more day, then I will wipe down the glass inside, and finally add the salt and get the tank circulating and adjusting.  I have a few weeks to go before I will add the first fish, and 2 large purchases left before that.  The tank is missing heat and lights at the moment, and a glass top to keep dog hair out.

In gaming news I have sat down and read Freebooter's Fate from cover to cover and can't wait to get a game going.  I need to get miniatures though, since other than a bunch of skaven and a few skeletons and D&D minis I have nothing fantasy, let alone Piratey.  The rules are interesting and I think and hope I will find the game enjoyable, but proxying 40k miniatures for pirates is going to have it's own share of complications.

Lastly, I finally have a clean garage again.  A week of lumber sitting in the middle of the floor along with the aquarium and it's equipment and everything else that I can not get placed meant I had to tiptoe around.  Thankfully that has been resolved and I now have room to work, paint and play once more.

That is all I have for now, Thursday I hope to have pictures of paint on buildings... no seriously...