Da Plazez

This page will show the scope of my Ork vision, along with links to each of the buildings as they are being constructed and completed.  Eventually a small map of the city will begin to appear as buildings are assembled and spotted to the map.

We begin with a simple list of buildings that need to be completed, who lives in them or maintains them, and their function within Orktopia, although this last part should be pretty obvious in most instances.

  1. Palace: This is the home of Gramooch Metalsmasha, the Warboss.  He lives in a three story ziggurat.  The main floor is devoted to his public appearances.  The second floor is his command center, where he sees to the day to day tasks.  The top floor is his private chambers.
  2. Stompa Factory:  The factory and living quarters within belong to Groun Ponda, the Big Mek.  Groun Ponda is responsible for overseeing all Stompa assembly and repair, as well as total overseer of dread shops and weapons shaks.
  3. Battle wagon Shop: Yaddat Addawerk takes care of the battlewagon/trukk shop and also oversees the bike and buggy shops as the Orktopia Big Mek.
  4. Mystical Hutt: Shaman Shaak Izfis is the spiritual leader of Gramooch's tribe.  He devotes his time to the idols of Gork and Mork.
  5. Doctor Hutt:  Regrak Umiebutcha runs the Ork clinic.  He is attended by 9 Ork Nobz who spend as much time getting stitched up as helping stitch up others.
  6. Bank: Pulz Teef is the local dentist.  He runs the other Nob Hutt and takes one good tooth with every bad one he pulls.
  7. Burna House
  8. Bomb Shack
  9. Rokkit Shack
  10. Busta Bunker
  11. Looted Hutt
  12. Power Grid
  13. Gun Shop:
  14. Kommando Kamp
  15. Grey Shirts hutt: This hutt and the next 5 are homes of regular boys, shootas and sluggas
  16. Blue Shirts Hutt
  17. Red Shirts Hutt
  18. Yellow Shirts Hutt
  19. Green Shirts Hutt
  20. Black Shirts Hutt
  21.  Runt Herder field
  22. Stormboyz 1
  23. Stormboyz 2
  24. Buggy Shack
  25. Biker Bar
  26. Heliport
  27. Dread Shop
  28. Ammo Shack
  29. Blacksmith
  30. City Walls: The walls of course are going to be more than one piece.  At 8 inches each it will take 6 pieces to straddle the short side of the table.

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