Da Armiee



Gramooch Metalsmasha has the favor of Gork and Mork according to Shaak Izfis, giving him their grunt to rule.  A girder from Da WAAAGH! Catcha ripped his left arm off, forcing Regrak Umiebutcha to replace it with the power claw that once belonged to their old warboss, Krorak Deffmaka.  He carries a linked shoota custom made by Yaddat Addawerk.  Gramooch is the biggest and toughest of the Orks, earning his position through strength and teef.


Shaak Izfis is the spiritual leader of Orktopia.  He ensures the effigies of Mork and Gork are blessed daily.  He takes his duty of guarding the spiritual well being of Orktopia with great pride.  Shaak Izfis's visions were responsible for the finding and refounding of Orktopia.


Grimgut Ironsmasha is Yaddat's weaponsmith.  If it shoots or cuts and has a motor then he probably built it.  The danger of the work he does made it necessary to borrow force field technology from the Tau and Necrons.

Big Mek:

Yaddat Addawerk is in charge of construction in Orktopia.  He is an expert in building weapons and vehicles.  His home is the Trukk Shop, where he is always scheming about the next big build.  His Meks are scattered throughout the settlement, keeping the weapons and vehicles of the tribe functional.


Regrak Umiebutcha lost his legs and left arm in a battle long ago.  Since then he has been infatuated with pain and making it go away.  He took up the mantle of Painboss in order to help patch up Gramooch's WAAAAGH! and keep the boyz fighting.  He has followed Gramooch since long before Da WAAAGH! Catcha.



Tunk and his 'Ard Boyz wear more army than most of the army, but they also go after the harder targets.

Ruuk currently leads the Grey Shirts.

Gruush is the current leader of the Yellow Shirts.

Hssssh leads a squad of boyz thanks to the lifesaving work of Regrak.  His breathing is controlled by a small engine rammed down his throat.

Varog leads his Orange Shirts with an Iron Klaw.

Barug doesn't allow any squabbling in the White Shirts.


Gofinem is a runtherder just like his shroomsire before him.



Garok Leads the Lifesmashas unit of Ork Nobz.  He believes that smashing things is the best way to ensure they are dead and stay dead.  He and his twin brother Karog constantly fight over who is correct.

Karog leads the Lifebashas unit of Ork Nobz.  He is certain his brother Garok is wrong about smashing and attempts to prove bashing is the way to win every time they find a battlefield.


Erf Shaaka, Gruun Shaaka, and Dert Shaaka fought over the first suit of mega armor until Grimgut finally built 2 more.  There are still 3 more Shaakas waiting for armor.

Burna Boyz:

 Meks Torcha and Skorcha lead the burna boyz.  Yaddat sent them to the unit after they continually competed over who could get their welding torch to throw the longest flame.  Since then they have been much happier.


Who better to lead the tankbustas than Fregin Urtz, the cybork.  Fregin lost both hands and half his face trying to beat up an Imperial Chimera.  It is one of the few cases where Ork surgery was a cosmetic improvement.


After a series of terrible, yet funny, ork casualties while attempting to use weapons taken from their enemies, Yaddat assigned Brix and Mota to the Loota brigade.  Their ability to make any weapon they come across work once more being a good skill in the unit.  


Da Bleck Templa rules the Kommandos.  His theory is simple, get in there and kill stuff.

Fast Attack:


Graatz is the leader of the Stormboyz.  He looks to Yaddat to keep his rokkits in flying condition.



Urdnfaz is the undisputed leader of the bikers.  He believes that Hard and Fast is the only way to fight and has had himself bolted permanently to his bike.


Photos to come.

Heavy Support:


Photo to come.

Deff Dread:

Gortek and Mortek are Deff Dreads that follow Gramooch.  They are both insane from their years of confinement within the kans, having been found in the ruins of Orktopia.  Nobody knows their real names as neither of them can remember themselves.

Killa Kans:

So far 6 Killa Kans have been built to defend Orktopia.

Flash Gitz:

Kaptin Steelfang and his Flash Gitz had been pirating the sector for months when they heard about Gramooch's WAAAAGH!.  It sounded like good sport with all the enemies that were showing up and the boyz quickly followed their leader into the fray.

Mek Gunz:

Currently none in the army but being remedied soon.

Looted Wagon: 

Currently none in the army but being remedied soon.

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