June 18, 2013

Dis is wer da trukks is builded: Part II

In my last post the frame was up and I was debating the location of the fuel drum.  I decided it would be best standing up and went with that idea.  I am very happy with it.  Adding a couple pieces from searchlights and I think I have a fairly good looking pump.  I intend to add a Lascannon battery pack to this to give it that authentic working feel and calling the tank done.

After finishing the Tank I needed to get the front wall cladding up so I could start working on the doors.  I tried to be as haphazard as I could about placement while still making sure it looked like it would hold up.  I still intend to add big bolts everywhere, because bigger bolts hold better.

Of course I had to take a picture of the capacity of this place, making it much bigger than I originally intended.  I am impressed with the results and feel it will definitely suit my needs even after adding crumbling floors to the adobe side wall.

Having finished the front face I went straight on to adding the door hangers, 2 boards overlapping each other that the door itself will slide into on the top thus allowing them to slide away from each other.   I added a small nothc in the middle to keep the doors from moving more than halfway, and they work OK, not that I expected perfectly smooth sliding.  Doors closed.

Doors open.  I forgot to leave room on the bottom lip for a lower guide on the doors.  I could glue one on but decided not to.  I have plans for the front of the doors, but the back I need to keep smooth so they won't catch when I open and close them.  My intent is to use liquid bead to make welding lines on the front and back after they are painted.  The bead is also pretinted so it shouldn't scrape off and also create a tiny cushion.

 Having gotten the front wall finished I took a few minutes and spray painted it.  My thought is with this being new construction it should actually look fairly new instead of aged and hobbled, but I can see some extra color is in order.

Having the main wall and doors well on their way makes me happy and confident that I will like the finished building, allowing me to now switch my focus onto the interior.  I think it's time for some tool chests and a half started trukk.

Seeya Next time

June 13, 2013

Dis is wer da trukks is builded: Part I

I know I am doing this out of order, but I guess I need the inspiration of a decent Trukk to get up the urge to make the trukk shop.In the last few posts I kept you up with the Ork Rokkit Launcha, a piece of Orky tech that I built to defend Orktopia from both land and air machines of war.  Now I want to show you where the trukk that makes this mobile is being assembled.

So here is the trukk that inspired me to start the trukk shop.  The trukk is over half complete but I want to finish the shop before I get the trukk itself done.  Because of this, I am not posting a WIP of the trukk yet.

I started with a plan to make this shop using several nearby buildings as the base of it.  While this idea still strikes my fancy it would have been a huge pain.  I would either have to glue 4 buildings together to make a huge complex or I would have to cut the base so each building could be positioned at the edges of the trukk shop.  After doing the mock up I realized how annoying this would be, especially since I would have to pull out every building whenever I wanted to use Yaddat's Trukk Shop.

Instead I came up with this, a 3 story ruin with a building across the road that would work for Yaddat Addawerk's hut.  I confiscated a section of road where the Trukk Shop will be built between these 2 buildings.  After figuring all the measurements out I currently have the ability to have 2 trukks in here at the same time, but that took this build to 13 inches long and 15 inches wide.  I could have shortened it up quite a bit either direction, but my vision demands space.

The ruins complete 1 wall, so there are 3 to finish.  Yaddat Addawerk likes to make a big hoopla about his newest vehicles, so the Shop must be enclosed so nobody can see what he will build next.  The framework is easy enough, a mixture of plastic I-beams and wooden dowels will raise this building quickly, then I will apply a mixture of sheeting material to close it in, followed by assembling a cap for the roof.  The roof itself will be about half flat, allowing a lookout tower to be added to it.

 Almost all the beams are up, I am adding a couple of small ones from the ruined building towards the other supports.  The garage doors will be 7 inches tall and double sliding doors.  The can up front is where I have decided to place my fuel tank, but I think I will stand it vertically.

That's all for today.

June 09, 2013

A Purdy Big Gun IV: Putting it all together

Revolver rokkit launcha, CHECK.  Belt drive rokkit launcha, CHECK.  Base with lift and turn ability, CHECK.  Now to get everything together.  This isn't going to be very hard since I started with the double barrel rokkit launcha in mind.  I hooked everything together and then remembered I needed hydraulics for the lift cylinder.  I melted a couple of corners from plastic pipe and added thick wrapped floral wire that reminds me of hydraulic hoses.  Using bits of Tau weaponry I made a hydraulic pump to add the pressure needed to lift or lower the guns.
Here you can see the gun fully assembled but the tension springs are not added to the belt feed yet.  It took me a while to decide what should be done for this section.
 After getting everything positioned I decided to lock the lift in place instead of leaving it free.  every time I moved it the hydraulic hoses snapped off and it also makes it more stable and less likely to be broken by a bad movement.
 Everything is now glued and prepared for tension springs.  It also needs the gunner at this stage.  Looking at the Ork in front of the belt shows you how massive this gun ended up being.
 Gunner and tension spring added.  I will grab a picture of the tension assembly later.
That's all for now folks.

June 02, 2013

A purdy Big Gun Part III, platform base.

I need a base to mount my big guns to, something Orky and ready to go.  To this end I actually want 2 mounts.  A vehicle mount, and a stationary mount, maybe a building rooftop.  I am going to use a can lid for my swivel base.  I am also going to modify the Kannon and the Satellite dish to mount properly onto the can lid with magnets.

 From the can lid I took a piece of trukk chassis I had lying around.  I added to this a piece from the imperial city box and then some kebob sticks to mount my smaller tank rollers on.  The large roller has a smaller roller glued into it and is mounted to the end of the corner piece from the city box.  a couple of wires and it should make a good looking small motor.
After this I needed to figure out how high everything had to be to keep from dragging on the ground.  I decided I wanted a platform under the guns for reloading that would turn with the gun, so I had to go even higher.  The top tube ended up being 2 1/2 inches tall.

I want this to be able to lift, or at least appear to lift into an anti-air position, so having some sort of lift mechanism is a must.  I chose to go with a pneumatic cylinder, pictured above.  when the cylinder is connected it will be completely closed in a horizontal gun position, and completely extended, pressed against the holding tube in the top right for a vertical shot.
 Owing to my desire to see this assembled, there is a huge gap in my pictures once more.  Here I took lollipop sticks and built a frame off the top of the Trukk chassis I started the base with.  I added granny grating, corrugated aluminum made with a paper crimper and soda cans, and some plating I found at the hobby shop.  At this point the base is ready except for setting up a way to fill the cylinder. Next time we will get it all together.