December 31, 2014


I would definitely say this has been the worst year for me.  So many things have happened and not a lot of them were good.  It all started quietly then suddenly, just as I thought things were looking up there was a huge slap in the face.

I found it hard to rebound from being fired, especially after having just taken out a vehicle loan for my truck.  Sleepless nights and depression set in making it unable for me to get into finding work.  I started a job that excited and terrified me at the same time, only to have to quit as my allergies tried to kill me.  After that I started at Wal~Mart, my current occupation, only to have the rest of the year be a series of illness leading up to a mild stroke in the beginning of December.

I'm ready for this year to be gone.  I'm ready to find time for my hobbies and my family without worrying about money and health constantly.  I'm not making a resolution this year, or promises that I can't keep.  I WISH to be more involved in my blog, post regularly, have content that people want to read about, and excel in my career, relationship with the wife and children, and my numerous hobbies.  I WISH all my readers a happy and prosperous 2015.

September 22, 2014

Gearing up for WAAAAGH!

I finally sat down today and fixed a situation that has troubled me for months.  I recently rewrote my knows b'fer as a story instead of a droll history of my Orks.  I have only gotten a couple dozen paragraphs into it but immediately had a problem with what I had written.

The problem is not with the words written but the characters implied by them, and the fact that they were not present in my army.  Shaak Izfis, the prophetic weirdboy listed in my tale, has never had a miniature of himself.  I could use the weirdboy from GW and do have one missing his right leg, but I don't like the model.

So here is Shaak Izfis carrying his weirdboy staff and the rotting head of something that came from the warp.  Shaak has been staring into the warp for so long that I decided it had began to change him.  His right arm is the thick muscled and boil covered chaos arm with a clawed hand from the tyranid warriors.  His left hand is normal but ends in the clawed tyranid hand as well.

Another missing model is the buggy that races ahead and scouts the village they first find.  I have made two wartrakks but was not happy with the size of them.  I also wanted this vehicle to be a buggy and not a trakk so I decided the best thing was to start from scratch.  I had plenty of trukk pieces left lying around including all 3 axles.  after an afternoon of cutting up several dead ends I finally came up with this guy.

I really like the way this turned out, and decided it needed some paint immediately.  after a quick dismantle and spray with army painter ultramarine blue I was allowed to reassemble this.

Finally a test, yellow goblins, yay or nay?

August 19, 2014

Da Emnees is tuffer

Not a huge post tonight but I want to try and make sure I start posting at least once a week again.  Tonight I was supposed to run Dark Heresy, a game which so far has not been happening regularly.  The gang was playing Minecraft and seemed more interested in that so I never pushed the issue, but then at 8pm they asked if we were going to start anytime soon.

I had decided not to play by that point.  Having to be at work before 7am and knowing the game can take hours that feel like minutes.  Instead they continued playing minecraft and I headed to the garage to build a unit of Scions I had purchased when first released.  I had the metal Kasrkin Sergeant with hell pistol and power weapon, but I didn't want him open faced with the rest of the squad in helmets.

So I gave him the Beret with a facemask, kept everything else original on him and finished the other five members out.  The plasma gun has a laspistol in his left hand because I did not realize there was only a single weaponless hand which I already used for the vox.  I want to flush out the unit with a hot shot volley gun within the other 4 members, plus need to figure out something for the 11th guy, maybe a commander of some sort, or a carapace armored commissar.

That's all for tonight.

August 11, 2014

Da WAAAGHforce, Orks taking to the skies

  Moseying through the local Wal-Mart on a date with the wife, I happened to come across 4 planes in the clearance section.  They were only three dollars each and there were four of them, so naturally they all left the store with me.  I felt they might be good for my IG, or AM if you must, but the more I looked at them the more I felt the WAAAAGH! behind them.

The first thing to do was strip them of their propellers and glass.  The prop took a little work but the canopy only took cutting the glue line.  I had to shave out the sides of the cockpit to get an ork to fit, but after a little work I had an easy mock up ready to go.

Each of the planes are going to be slightly different, and I chose a rather normal looking pilot for the first plane.  This mean the plane itself needed a little ork insanity, and I chose to add strafing blades for a close and personal fly boy.  There is plenty left to do at this point but it is beginning to feel Orky.

With the blades attached, and a little straggler holding on to the tail, I was ready to build engines.  This plane became a four engine monster, two jets to push it forward, a front engine just for the gun feeds, and an engine behind the pilot to keep the rudders working.

Engines done and I'm happy with the results after a little fill putty.  Next to move onto the guns and gunners.  I had to wait out the weekend waiting for my fantasy goblins to arrive, but as soon as I ripped the box open I began working on the design.  The first gun is scratch built with internal feeds and recycling system for the ammo cases.  The gunner sits in a hole in the wing, legs dangling out beneath him as he punches the trigger.

I still need to do something better with this than a couple of square toothpicks.  I am thinking I will switch it over to some sort of plate before painting.

The second gun I chose an easier prebuilt set up, a gun I built for a terrain piece a few years ago with a second attached to it.  On this wing the grot has cut holes for his feet and bolted a small piece of cord to the wing for a secondary hold.

Design wise this plane is finished, although I still have several plates to throw on, rivets to hold everything down, and finishing the pilot off.  Hope you enjoyed this build so far, see you next time.

EDIT!!! I forgot to grab a picture showing the full plane at this point

August 07, 2014

I've spent half of the last week laying down sick.  Before that I actually managed to get something done.  I call this something Kaptin Steelfang, leader of the Flash Gitz in Gramooch's WAAAAGH!  Kaptin Steelfang and his small horde of marauders came to Orktopia after having crashed their ship.

Kaptin Steelfang prizes his dakka above everything else, even his ship and crew.  But above that his greatest treasure is his personal git finda.  The servo skull belonged to an inquisitor who tracked him for months, finally getting a boarding party onto WAAAAGH Hunta, then losing everything to the kunnin kaptin.  It desperately wants to get back to imperial ranks and turns towards any imperial radio transmissions it can catch, unwittingly sending Steelfang and his gitz straight at the enemy.

I took a new picture of the existing army, all 246 models now including Kaptin Steelfang and his flash gitz.  Soon there should be as much green as blue on the board, as I am working on getting flesh painted on all the boys.  I've decided to get the entire army 4 color legal, 2 blues, gunmetal and green.  After that I can focus on units, vehicles, and characters.

Not much else to report right now, but I do have an airforce in the works.  I am waiting for a unit of fantasy goblins before I really get busy on it though.  Seeya next time.

July 30, 2014

Dark Heresy, wetting the fangs

   Two weeks ago I introduced some of the good guys of my Dark Heresy game group.  Tuesday we had our first game. It was slow with me being tired, not knowing how the group played together or didn't as the case was, and not getting going until 8 pm, still I feel it went decent.  As far as the players, it was a disaster.

   The players are a mixed group, and this being a very new game to them I don't think they know the role their character should play within the group or the story.  Dark Heresy is a much different game to the D&D they are used to, far darker, far grittier, and easy to die over.  If I had not been so forgiving they would already be gone.  But to give you a feel for the group, here are the 5 characters.

   My son plays a rogue know in Dark Heresy as a Scum, a rogue in the game which he wants to play as a faceman.  There is no issue with this, although when the game started, he headed to the nearest bar and didn't try to use any of his skills to get information from anybody.  He asked the bartender about illegal gambling, having never asked if there was legal gambling on the planet to begin with.

  The second player is my brother in law, an Arbitrator, or police officer.  He checked into the local fortress asking if they had any work for him instead of asking about the person of interest.  The person of interest had just escaped from the fortress without trace hours before, a fact that would have been quickly learnt had he mentioned the name.

  After that we have a Tech Priest, basically a mechanic.  He went to the local shrine to the Omnissiah but also asked for work instead of anything towards the case at hand.  In this case he would not have learned anything about the man himself, but he would have heard about a few rumors of machine spirits going funny in the area indicated on his auspex.

   Next is the young assassin.  I expected him to head towards the auspex blip immediately and set up near the area.  Instead he followed the other players around before finally heading off to find the blip.  Had he done that he would have found first hand that there was something weird in the area, see the bodies of dead in the tenements neighboring their suspect.

   Finally we have a standard guardsman.  He immediately followed my son to the bar but reminded me every time he spoke that he was not with him, near him, or part of the group in general.  Then he ran weapons hunting, purchasing a backup weapon and then spending some time testing it.

   Nobody did anything I expected them to, and the last player thoroughly upset me by making sure I knew he wanted nothing to do with the others.  Eventually everybody, except my son who is tied up, made their way where they needed to go.  This happened without any communication between them even though they all had radios.  In fact when I mentioned this the last of the group declared he refused to share info with anybody else.

   Now except the belligerence of the one player, yes still bothering me now, most of this is not their fault.  I didn't do a good job of setting the stage.  I dropped them on a planet without description, looking for a guy they only knew as a professional gambler, and a location on their auspex as to where he was expected to be.  All they know is the city looked normal as far as their view of normal went.  large apartment complexes, dirty and dark, and bad smelling.

   So now I am stuck at a point where I must decide if I try to coach them into playing more how I expect and hope they will, teach them what is expected of each career path within this universe, turn it into the dungeon bash they are used to, or give up and play something more in tune with the group.  I just can't decide if they will even find my game fun right now.

July 14, 2014

Dark Heresy and the good guys.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Calistarius Sebuphaan
  I am about to start a Dark Heresy group with my son and a couple of our friends.  They will be working under the orders of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Calistarius Sebuphaan.  Inquisitor Sebuphaan has been tasked with stopping the influx of xenos technology rolling into the sector.  To this end he is hiring our heroes to search out the smugglers and black market dealers involved and eliminate their businesses.
Captain Bane Macent, Leader of the lost platoon. 
  Inquisitor Sebuphaan has determined that the smugglers are operating from the Trivanic system, and will be using the military defenders already there to aid in finding them.  Under his command is Captain Bane Macent, his lost platoon of veterans acting as the muscle for Sebuphaan.  Bane will be providing security to the group, as well as a source to move the story along in case they lose their way.
Lord Commissar Reginald Corrandis
Lord Commissar Reginald Corrandis has commanded the Trivanic Trelimars embroiled in the War of Flesh and Metal for the last nine years.  Necrons from the rim entered the Trivanic system, their slowly awakening fleet providing an endless supply of warriors to press the imperial defenses.  Aid is slowly arriving from all over the sector, boosting the line, but also drawing the attention of other enemies of mankind.
Commander Arik Vasteen
  Commander Arik Vasteen leads the 391st Scarisian Huntsmen fighting beside the Trelimars on Trivanic Prime.  He does not trust the inquisition and is helping only due to his loyalty to the Imperium.  Vasteen and his men have been pushing back hard against the Necron invasion, but the cost is higher than he can continue to pay.  Reinforcements from Scarisia are months behind, equipment is beginning to break down, and dark rumors are touching his ear from within his own troops.

  My son has still not named the Space Marines he will be running, and one of his friends appears to be interested in Eldar, who will fight on the side of the defenders.  But for the moment these are the characters I have created to aid and hinder the party as they try to survive and work within the Trivanic System.  It is my hope that the campaign stays within the system, but working between the different planets, orbitals, and fleet.

June 14, 2014

Gramooch 2.0

  With the new Ork Codex only a couple weeks away, I decided I needed a new warboss for my Ork Horde.  I grabbed Grimgut's legs and the body of an ogre to build Gramooch 2.0.  There is plenty of room for more detail, but I like how he turned out. I moved his power klaw to the right arm, since it seems every other ork loses their left.
Filled in the ogre belly with putty, then added the plate as well as shoulder pads across the sides to hide the seams where ogre body met ork legs.  Straps are made from burna boys fuel packs.  Bosspole is toothpicks with several trophy looking items on it.

 Poer Klaw is made from odd bits off an existing power klaw, boarding plank from the truck and power pack for IG lascannon.  The cable is part of the weapon of a defiler.

 The power supply for the power klaw is stolen from a loota weapon pack, I need to fix the connection to the bosspole, as it looks like crap back here.

Close up view of the armor plates and straps that make up his body, I especially like the plate above the right shoulder, hoping it turns out great once painted.
 And finally that custom Slugga, just a pair of sluggas with their ammo clips cut off, glued together and new ammo clips coming in from the side.  I am wondering if I should build some sort of wrist brace for this?
As soon as I can figure out what I want to do to fix the odd areas, and get rid of the rest of the flashing, he is ready for paint and then to lead his WAAAAAGH! into brutal carnage.

April 19, 2014

Paint on the table

   I am back to work, both at a new job and on my armies.  I recently took to construction, installing gutters and even though the heights are bothering me, I am enjoying the work and having fun.  Once I finish getting trained in and get more used to working off the ground, the pay checks should be decent too.

   While I was unemployed I found time to clean off my game table, mostly, and get a game plan for the armies I own.  My eldest son wishes to join me in 40K so we are setting up a small space marine chapter which I have dubbed the Red Ravens until he comes up with a better name.

   I am taking a break from Orks, mostly because I can not decide how I want to paint them.  I'm not completely happy with the current scheme but I can't decide the best way to redo it, only knowing that I want to keep the colors I am using but get more of the blue onto the finished miniatures.

   So in lieu of Orks I have gone back to my Chaos Marines, recoloring them and renaming them from Vengeance for Scarolis, a name I picked for them years ago to support their fluff at the time, to Violent Ecstasy, a more fitting name for an army mostly devoted to Slaanesh.

   Violent Ecstasy is working on finding a way to get out of the warp permanently and bring the gifts of the dark gods to the masses, starting with the citizens of Trivanic.  They have been recruiting cultists to whisper their glorious message, as well as bringing in sorcerers deep into the planetary core, hoping to eventually open a gate to their warp home.

   This means I am working on two seperate armies at the moment, but we have devised a decent way of getting the paint on the model.  We are starting with 500 point armies and will teach Raymond how to play with the miniatures we have both selected.  The points will increase once both of us have 600 points of painted miniatures.  After that increase will be 750 and then 250 points each time thereafter.

   Increases will not be made until the next units are painted to at least 4 color standard, meaning that after the initial 500 points are painted, unpainted models will never be allowed on the table.  I am hoping this helps keep him interested on the hobby as a whole instead of losing interest like so many of the game shop kids did.

   Once we have a color scheme completed for Raymond's Red Ravens I will get more pictures up, for now enjoy the Violent Ecstasy teaser.

March 28, 2014

Freedom and Suffering all rolled in one

  Well it has been a very odd week.  I lost my job, which both irritates me and relieves me at the same time.  I did enjoy my job, even though the amount of stress there always seemed a second away from completely overwhelming.  I lost it over a mistake, but I feel the punishment was a little too severe.  I was dismissed as an example about what happens when bad mistakes are made.  OK, I can understand that, but shouldn't people be told what happened then and why I was dismissed.

  So anyway I have not been doing anything since Tuesday.  I have several job leads to explore, but I am not totally sure what I want to do with my self now.  I am playing with returning to my previous employer, going back to construction, and have also located a dozen other positions that I have experience for and seem like something worth trying.

  I have spent the last couple of days working on the house, cleaning up and doing a large purge of items we really don't need anymore.  Four garbage bags out of the garage with the kitchen and living room being fairly tidy.  Monday and Tuesday I think I will go through the bedrooms and clean up toys that nobody touches anymore.

In gaming news, I have been working slowly on my Ork drop pod, but I am not feeling the creativity there I was hoping for.  I did however manage to build a new Ork warboss, as well as a shaman I feel needs more work.  I will get some pictures up in the next post.  I have also decided to change my ork colors but only slightly, basically just using more blue on them than I was previously.

March 20, 2014

Orks in Spaaaaaaaaace!

    I have decided to start living on only 2 hours of sleep so I can find enough time to spend between work, my family, and my two hobbies.  My saltwater aquarium has taken up most of my free time and all of my money, plus some of my wife's money, and some of my parent's money and even some of the cash a couple of my friends earn.

   My wargaming hobby, not having anybody to play with lately, has taken the back burner, and the pilot light has only been recently relit.  But a couple of days ago I had sudden inspiration and decided that with rumors saying Ork can loot nearly anything in the new codex, I need a drop pod.

   With only a pile of plating bits, some cardstock, and an idea that I wanted a drop pod I set out to build it.  I quickly decided that I needed a cockpit and an Ork to pilot the pod.  I also found bits for a Tau Piranha and decided those needed to be part of the build.  The jets are going to be part of the forward momentum of the craft and the wings will be the stabilizing rudders.

   I also found an old vindicator that screamed cockpit and set about drilling out the hole where the gun mounted.  This became the porthole for the cockpit and after a little cardstock to push it forward and tilt it properly I had the basis of my front end.  The cannon itself looked ideal for a reversing thruster and for the second one I chose the bottom of an old glue stick.  I have set the two thrusters on top so that the cockpit canopy will slide off the vehicle and give me space to build the interior.

Plans for the rest of the front end include jaws to grab onto space hulks for boarding missions, a hatch for boarding enemy vessels, and of course guns for the trip in.  As for the ship itself I am figuring somewhere around 7 inches total length, with both sides opening for Orks to pile out when the ship is upright, as well as hydraulics to upright it.