June 14, 2014

Gramooch 2.0

  With the new Ork Codex only a couple weeks away, I decided I needed a new warboss for my Ork Horde.  I grabbed Grimgut's legs and the body of an ogre to build Gramooch 2.0.  There is plenty of room for more detail, but I like how he turned out. I moved his power klaw to the right arm, since it seems every other ork loses their left.
Filled in the ogre belly with putty, then added the plate as well as shoulder pads across the sides to hide the seams where ogre body met ork legs.  Straps are made from burna boys fuel packs.  Bosspole is toothpicks with several trophy looking items on it.

 Poer Klaw is made from odd bits off an existing power klaw, boarding plank from the truck and power pack for IG lascannon.  The cable is part of the weapon of a defiler.

 The power supply for the power klaw is stolen from a loota weapon pack, I need to fix the connection to the bosspole, as it looks like crap back here.

Close up view of the armor plates and straps that make up his body, I especially like the plate above the right shoulder, hoping it turns out great once painted.
 And finally that custom Slugga, just a pair of sluggas with their ammo clips cut off, glued together and new ammo clips coming in from the side.  I am wondering if I should build some sort of wrist brace for this?
As soon as I can figure out what I want to do to fix the odd areas, and get rid of the rest of the flashing, he is ready for paint and then to lead his WAAAAAGH! into brutal carnage.