July 30, 2014

Dark Heresy, wetting the fangs

   Two weeks ago I introduced some of the good guys of my Dark Heresy game group.  Tuesday we had our first game. It was slow with me being tired, not knowing how the group played together or didn't as the case was, and not getting going until 8 pm, still I feel it went decent.  As far as the players, it was a disaster.

   The players are a mixed group, and this being a very new game to them I don't think they know the role their character should play within the group or the story.  Dark Heresy is a much different game to the D&D they are used to, far darker, far grittier, and easy to die over.  If I had not been so forgiving they would already be gone.  But to give you a feel for the group, here are the 5 characters.

   My son plays a rogue know in Dark Heresy as a Scum, a rogue in the game which he wants to play as a faceman.  There is no issue with this, although when the game started, he headed to the nearest bar and didn't try to use any of his skills to get information from anybody.  He asked the bartender about illegal gambling, having never asked if there was legal gambling on the planet to begin with.

  The second player is my brother in law, an Arbitrator, or police officer.  He checked into the local fortress asking if they had any work for him instead of asking about the person of interest.  The person of interest had just escaped from the fortress without trace hours before, a fact that would have been quickly learnt had he mentioned the name.

  After that we have a Tech Priest, basically a mechanic.  He went to the local shrine to the Omnissiah but also asked for work instead of anything towards the case at hand.  In this case he would not have learned anything about the man himself, but he would have heard about a few rumors of machine spirits going funny in the area indicated on his auspex.

   Next is the young assassin.  I expected him to head towards the auspex blip immediately and set up near the area.  Instead he followed the other players around before finally heading off to find the blip.  Had he done that he would have found first hand that there was something weird in the area, see the bodies of dead in the tenements neighboring their suspect.

   Finally we have a standard guardsman.  He immediately followed my son to the bar but reminded me every time he spoke that he was not with him, near him, or part of the group in general.  Then he ran weapons hunting, purchasing a backup weapon and then spending some time testing it.

   Nobody did anything I expected them to, and the last player thoroughly upset me by making sure I knew he wanted nothing to do with the others.  Eventually everybody, except my son who is tied up, made their way where they needed to go.  This happened without any communication between them even though they all had radios.  In fact when I mentioned this the last of the group declared he refused to share info with anybody else.

   Now except the belligerence of the one player, yes still bothering me now, most of this is not their fault.  I didn't do a good job of setting the stage.  I dropped them on a planet without description, looking for a guy they only knew as a professional gambler, and a location on their auspex as to where he was expected to be.  All they know is the city looked normal as far as their view of normal went.  large apartment complexes, dirty and dark, and bad smelling.

   So now I am stuck at a point where I must decide if I try to coach them into playing more how I expect and hope they will, teach them what is expected of each career path within this universe, turn it into the dungeon bash they are used to, or give up and play something more in tune with the group.  I just can't decide if they will even find my game fun right now.

July 14, 2014

Dark Heresy and the good guys.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Calistarius Sebuphaan
  I am about to start a Dark Heresy group with my son and a couple of our friends.  They will be working under the orders of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Calistarius Sebuphaan.  Inquisitor Sebuphaan has been tasked with stopping the influx of xenos technology rolling into the sector.  To this end he is hiring our heroes to search out the smugglers and black market dealers involved and eliminate their businesses.
Captain Bane Macent, Leader of the lost platoon. 
  Inquisitor Sebuphaan has determined that the smugglers are operating from the Trivanic system, and will be using the military defenders already there to aid in finding them.  Under his command is Captain Bane Macent, his lost platoon of veterans acting as the muscle for Sebuphaan.  Bane will be providing security to the group, as well as a source to move the story along in case they lose their way.
Lord Commissar Reginald Corrandis
Lord Commissar Reginald Corrandis has commanded the Trivanic Trelimars embroiled in the War of Flesh and Metal for the last nine years.  Necrons from the rim entered the Trivanic system, their slowly awakening fleet providing an endless supply of warriors to press the imperial defenses.  Aid is slowly arriving from all over the sector, boosting the line, but also drawing the attention of other enemies of mankind.
Commander Arik Vasteen
  Commander Arik Vasteen leads the 391st Scarisian Huntsmen fighting beside the Trelimars on Trivanic Prime.  He does not trust the inquisition and is helping only due to his loyalty to the Imperium.  Vasteen and his men have been pushing back hard against the Necron invasion, but the cost is higher than he can continue to pay.  Reinforcements from Scarisia are months behind, equipment is beginning to break down, and dark rumors are touching his ear from within his own troops.

  My son has still not named the Space Marines he will be running, and one of his friends appears to be interested in Eldar, who will fight on the side of the defenders.  But for the moment these are the characters I have created to aid and hinder the party as they try to survive and work within the Trivanic System.  It is my hope that the campaign stays within the system, but working between the different planets, orbitals, and fleet.