January 20, 2015

The Agency: A spycraft 2.0 RPG

Redemption Corps


"Your family thinks you are dead. Your friends think you are dead. As far as the known world understands, you are dead. As a member of The Agency, your life before today no longer exist. You, no longer exist. You are a number, a statistic in a series of terrible accidents. You are above the law, beyond it. You answer only to me.

I am Angel, and I will be your caretaker. You are a hand picked member of Unit 8. From this moment on you are the eyes, ears, and fist of those too weak or scared to fend for themselves. You have been given a second chance, and a reason to live that far outshines your miserable life before.
Contact with your old life will lead to your… dismissal from The Agency. Any attempts at subterfuge will result in your immediate dismissal from The Agency. You have been given this new lease for a reason, and that is your soul purpose from here out.
This does not mean you are a prisoner though. You will recieve a paycheck, free time, and are under no obligation to stay in this compound. Should you wish it, an identity can be provided for you to mingle with the populace. Now take the rest of the day to get used to your surroundings, your new compatriots and your new mission in life. Tomorrow will be an entirely new world for you."

My opening speech for the role-playing game my son, daughter, friends and I are about to start tomorrow evening.  I am looking forward to running it and just hope it won't be too boring.  I have a few good plans in the make and some plot twists that are sure to get them aggravated, but isn't that the way spy games should be played.

I've been busy the last few weeks rearranging the garage to make it into a suitable game room.  I purchased a couple of posters, remounted my swords, and added a little general atmosphere to the room.  Right now Ray is running Mutants and Masterminds on Tuesday with several of his friends, and as of tomorrow I will be doing a regular Wednesday night Spycraft 2.0 group.

Saturday night we had friends from out of town over and played a rather enjoyable round of Red Dragon Inn, followed by a couple of games of Imagine Iff.  Both were a lot of fun and were not too difficult to play even with the amount of alcohol on the table.

Red Dragon Inn is a drinking game set around a party of fantasy adventurers.  Each player has a personal deck of cards they draw from in an attempt to get the other players drunk enough to pass out, or broke so the innkeeper kicks them out.  The last person at the table is proclaimed the winner, and if the bar wench didn't take it all for tips, might even have a pretty penny.  This is a game I would definitely play over and over.

Imagine Iff is a game of trying to figure out how everybody else would answer the question.  You are asked a question with a series of up to 8 answers.  Each player chooses the best number card for their answer and majority moves up the board.  It is an interesting game, one I would consider an ice breaker.

Wargaming I still have not done much.  I am in the middle of assembling Mega Nobz and a second unit of Killa Kans.  I refelted the game table, but ran into an issue that my old felt was for a 6 foot table and I rebuilt the table to be 8 foot, so 2 feet are exposed plywood.  I am thinking about getting a dry erase mat to glue onto the last 2 feet.

I have not painted since my last post, so yeah, September was really the last time Orktopiagot any kind of love.  But with the garage in good shape I'm really expecting the tides to turn on this.  I have space, I am slowly finding time, and I have a want to get back into everything.

That's it for the moment, until next transmission...